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  1. victormh


    Think my first wife went there as a child - Margaret Rose Turner, she had 3 older sisters and an older brother Born 1942 Victor - hot and sunny Malaysia
  2. victormh

    Born in the 40's, 50's, 60's??

    No Nobis Dominine was our School Song Remember the school choir always sang it at Speech Day held annually at the Sheffield Montgomery Hall - always on a Thursday evening and the following day was always "A Merit Holiday" I was at Woodhouse Grammar School 1951 to 1957 (born 1940, now almost 79) Malaysia in many ways is like the UK 25/30 years ago - the indigenous Malay adults seem to think and act like teenagers Victor Hutchinson - living in Malaysia since end of 2006
  3. Nanky Poo - mmmmm - unusual I/D name - are you a fan of "The Mikado" and of course the works of Gilbert and Sullivan Do you live in Are you married to Yum-Yum, or Peep Bo, or did The Mikado beat you to it ?? Best Wishes from Hot and Sunny Malaysia - Victor
  4. victormh


    My grandmothers sister married an Horace Sayles and they lived at Kiveton, but many years ago, I think Horace and Anice would have died by 1975 or so, based on the years my grandparents died. Annice was one of 6 sisters and 1 brother by the name of Wasteney, prominent family name in Swallownest, Aston and latterly Kiveton Horace and Annis had a daughter who married a guy by the name of Ronald Canwell, also living in Kiveton then nearby Wales Bar - but suspect both would have died around 1995/2000 Best Wishes from hot and sunny Malaysia - 11-10am - 89 degrees and climbing higher
  5. victormh

    Newhall Road and Sanderson Street

    Just reading through the postings reminds me of a girl I knew - she would have been about 18 years old in 1966/7. She lived on Newhall Road - about half way along going from the Attercliffe end to the small petrol station at the corner of Newhall Road and Liverpool Street - her name is/was Elaine Stevens - often wonder what happened to her - she worked in the warehouse at Monogram Cutlery (I.S.Deardens) on Liverpool Street Also wonder if anyone remembers or knew my late father in law, Fred Turner from the New Manor - he worked at Sandersons u to retirement. Nor sure what he did there but could have been a swing grinder Best Wishes from Malaysia - 7-55am and 87 degrees be around 96 by lunchtime - same 365 days a year no seasons here Victor M Hutchinson ex Swallownest
  6. victormh

    Anyone from the village of woodhouse

    Thanks Barrie Often wonder if people I knew many years ago are still alive and kicking Trevor must be 80 at least now because he is a bit older than myself and I will be 79 in July 2019 Many years ago when he was running his fathers betting shop on Station Road, opposite the bottom end of Balmoral Road, I often saw him in the Staion Hotel opposite what was then Woodhouse Grammar School. Don't think I have seen him since about 1965/66 now Best Wishes from Malaysia - Victor
  7. victormh

    Reginald Dixon M.B.E.

    No idea hillsbro, I have tried to remember even the daughters name but no luck there. I only met her once or twice in the period Nov 1958 to Sept 1962 when she c ame to my ex girlfriends birthday parties Only saw her mother a few times walking out of the house over those years, but do clearly remember Reginald Dixon visiting then a few times because of his Rolls being parked outside of the house with its distinctive Blackpool tower at the end of the bonnet where the Rolls Spirit of Ecstasy is normally positioned Usually I was only there on Saturdays - Sundays we spent at my home in Swallownest and weekdays we met in the city after work The daughter was the only one of the group who never went to the Young Farmers Dance on Saturday evenings at Bradfield Village Hall (I remember the band who played there had the initials "FB" on their music stands - think the band leaders initials were "FB" -drove a new brown and yellow Vauxhall Victor, at the time) Dance interval was of course a dash to the nearby pub Could the daughters name have been Angela I wonder - "stab in the dark" of course - she would have been born around 1938/39 I think because my ex girlfriend was born in 1938. Her family name was Whiteley and parents were Percy and Kit - regular members of the local golf club - Kit worked for Miss Greaves at her opticians shop on Middlewood Road, roughly opposite the bottom of Dykes Lane - Kit and Miss Greaves played golf together regularly That's all I can remember right now after about a 60 year gap Hope this is helpful though
  8. victormh

    Reginald Dixon M.B.E.

    To Harvey 19 who posted quite a wile ago I have just looked through these posts and notice that Harvey 19 requested some information from me re Ben Lane Sheffield The answer is that Reg Dixons sister lived on Ben Lane, Wisewood, Sheffield 6 and the semi-detached house was on the left hand side as you go up Ben Lane from the cross roads and is almost opposite or slightly the entrance which is on the right hand side and goes up to what was in 1959/1962 the Girls Nautical College. The Lodge at the entrance to the college was where my ex girlfriend lived - maybe now the driveway to what was the Girls Nautical College is called Loxley Court Sorry but I cannot remember the sisters name now or her daughters name - the daughter was a good friend of my ex girlfriend at the time (1959/1962) and would have been around age 20/21 in 1959/1960 Unfortunately my ex girlfriend and her husband both passed away a few years ago - they lived on one of the Lanes in the village, I think they had a daughter who was a schoolteacher and may have lived on one of the roads from the village which go down to Middlewood Road - may be or have been Langset Avenue or another nearby road/avenue off Worrall Road Hope this is helpful Harvey Best Wishes for 2019 - Victor , Subang Jaya, State of Selangor D.D., Malaysia (9-10am Friday 28th amd already 87 degrees and climbing - we have 365 days of summer
  9. victormh

    Carol Elvidge, Swallownest

    Cost of living here is quite low cost for example a 4 bed 3 bath link house will cost equivalent to GBP 60,000-00 - example place is a faily large condo with 5 beds, 4 baths, laundry room kitchen hallway etc etc - 3 parking bays in out 5 level multi storey car park - nice outdoor pool, gym, sauna tennis courts all facilities are free of course, 24 hour patrolling security guards (which is faily comman in Malaysia) electronic entrance barriers and building entrance doors - electricit96y costs me average GBP 7-50 per month that's for all items such as fridge freezer, bottled cold water machine, cooker air con units ) ceiling fans (6) lights, shower heaters ;ights etc etc Water/sewerage charge GBP 3-40 month, rates, Malaysia 7 channel tv stations, garden maintenance, building maintenance/painting/daily cleaning etc and Security Guards the fee is GBP 72-45 month But that's for a high end condominium bought 2007 for GBP 68,000-00 and now valued at GBP 170,000-00 which is classed as mega expensive here and out of reach of Malays where salaries are from GBP 200-00 month and a company MD will get GBP 1,500-00 month plus car/expenses and maybe an annual bonus of GBP 900-00 if he has made the company profitable - office staff teachers etc about GBP 560-00 month From a womans point of view, supermarket food shopping is maximum GBP 55/60-00 week for a family of 4 no adults to wat very well indeed. Some items are price controlled by the government - chicken, mutton, beef, cooking oil, rice, flour etc - government subsidised. To years ago there was a restriction started here to prevent people from Singapore driving across the bridge into Malaysia to food shop and fill up with petrol to stop them taking advantage of Malaysian food subsidies - similar thin also with Malaysia/Thailand Border - for petrol if the vehicle is not a Malaysian registered vehicle with Malaysian number plates the driver can only buy the top price 97 Octane petrol, cannot buy the 95 octane. Cars from Singapore with black number plates with white letters/numbers can only cross into Malaysia between midnight Friday and Midnight Sunday unless they have a permit to work here. - cars with red number plates and white letters/numbers can cross anytime into Malaysia In Singapore when a car is 10 years old it has to be taken off the road - after that age only can be registered as a Classic Vehicle Income tax is low and you can deduct things like medical items, doctor fees, hospital check up fees, and many other items not allowed in the UK - even get a tax allowance if you have internet connection in your house, or if you buy a computer even for home uses and not business I always eat breakfast in a restaurant on the way to the office each morning and the costs averages GBP 1-35/1-40 - dinner in a top end restaurant costs about GBP 75-00 for 4 persons, many courses, pre-dinner drinks, at least 2 bottles of wine but in the small shop houses and cafes dinner for 4 persons can be GBP 4-90 (total for the 4 persons) for starter, chicken, rice, roti (bread) Even low income families eat out with children because it is less cost that buying the ingredients and cooking at home Computer train or monorail from my nearest station into Kuala Lumpur which is about 16 miles costs GBP 0.60 each way, bus is even cheaper Of course the bonus is all year round summer - today, right now, at 12-25pm it is 94 degrees and blue sky - then there are the shirt low cost flights to places such as Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Bali etc where you can go Friday after work and come back late Sunday evening or early Monday morning So, life is good here particularly with UK salaries/car/expenses etc Hope you find this interesting - Best Wishes - Victor
  10. victormh

    Carol Elvidge, Swallownest

    I remember the Elvidge family and seem to remember they lived at the Aughton end of Aughton Road - on th hill we called Diggers Hill then I vaguely remember Carol Elvidge but she would have been a bit younger than myself (now 78.1/2) - I remember a Ted Elvidge, wonder of it was a relative I went to Swallownest Infants School and then the Junior School which at the time was in prefabricated classrooms across the road in the old playing field near the Miners Welfare Hall. I left there in July 1951 and went to Woodhouse Grammar School I liver at 14 Aughton Road opposite the doctors surgery, my mother had Jessie's Ladies Hairdressers and my father supplied and repaired TV's - Jessie and Victor Hutchinson 1951- 2 we moved to Park Hill I moved from Swallownest to Driffield in East Yorkshire in late 1967 and in early 2007 to Malaysia, which is our permanent home but we still keep our house in Driffield for visits there. I spend about 2 weeks every month in Dubai I remember a lot of names from Swallownest school and am still in very regular contact with 3 or 4 of them I will send them an e mail later today and see what they can remember - but any reply will be delayed due to the different time zones - Malaysia is 8 hours ahead of the UK 7-50am here, clear blue sky, 89 degrees and will be 95/98 by noon. This is our winter start of December to end of February - otherwise year round hot summer - no seasons - and !!!!!!!!!! low cost of living ------ Petrol - GB Pounds 1.23 per gallon - every petrol company including Shell, Esso, etc etc has to sell at the same price throughout the country - that is The Law - driving a 4 litre car (Daimler-Jaguar) only costs me about GBP 25-00 month for daily travel to and from my offices and some business mileage - costs even less per month for my wife's S.280 Mercedes Best Wishes to UK - Victor Victor Marshall Hutchinson - ex Swallownest
  11. victormh

    Swallownest School 1948

    Do you remember David Holt at Fence School. He later went to Woodhouse Grammar School along with Hazel Lumb and Petr Taylor - would be September 1951 The name Terry Stocks, Denis Wisehall and Brian Lilley I do recall Best Wishes - Victor
  12. victormh

    Swallownest School 1948

    Nice to see your name pop up Keith - hope you are ok and enjoying life. How is Philip Booth not heard from him for a long time but of course I have lived here in Malaysia since early 2007 Best Wishes - Victor
  13. victormh

    Swallownest School 1948

    I have been trying to remember you but cannot - but my old school friend in the UK, David Holt feels he may do. We both remember Hazel Lumb who was at Fence School with David and Peter Taylor because they were both in our year at Woodhouse Grammar School 1951 to 1958. David lived on Coalbrook Estate near Iron Bridge and Peter lived on Faulkener Lane I remember Margaret Foster and her family, Merediths, Margaret Reynolds, Ken Siddall etc I lived on Park Hill in the last houses before the field and then the Henry Boot Houses our next door neighbour was Stella Chambers and her parents My name is Victor Marshall Hutchinson - my Father was involved in TV repairs at the time I left Swallownest in 1979 and moved to Driffield near Bridlington and at start of 2007 to Malaysia. Now at 78 I spend 2/3 weeks in Malaysia then 2/3 weeks in Dubai and Oman - right now I am in Dubai and will return to Malaysia on an overnight flight on Friday 20th Nice to hear
  14. victormh

    Kensitas Cigarettes

    I am 78 but remember them quite well. Was the packet mainly white with a picture of a butler holding a silver tray with a packet of Kensitas on it ? I see you live in Vancouver - so does my daughter - works as a manager at Old Navy - think she is at the North Vancouver store near to where she lives Victor - ex Swallownest but lived in Malaysia for last 11 years
  15. victormh

    What happened to these coach companies?

    Must have been later Martin because I was still going there until 1966/67 and my father was there until at least 1969 and the coaches were still in operation then Regards - Victor Marshall Hutchinson - Malaysia

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