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  1. Its quite a while since I last read this thread and right now I still cannot remember you As I said before I left in February 1963. I was in the production control office which was on the left after going through the doors which were at the end of the reception area and just past the door into the Board Room At the time I left Ray Walker was Production Control Manager who has been promoted to Works Manager - others being Herbert Morton progress chaser, his young assistant Jeffrey ??? a girl 18/19 called Carol, the guy who came from Balfour Darwins HQ by the name of Paul ??? and a lad about 20 but cannot remember his name I sat at the bottom end of the office - desk in front of Ray Walkers - you must have been there before I left So where were you located in the offices ??? - I remember Colin Blounts office at the top of the staircase, next the general office and the at the end of there was John ???? and his girl who were the "time and motion" people who calculated the Piece Work Rates Other side of the corridor was (I think) the toilets and next to that Miss Booker the employment officer Best Wishes from Malaysia - Victor
  2. I did not live on the Triangle Estate, nearest location for me was the White Rose But I remember a guy and his wife who lived on the Triangle and both worked at Steaddfast Tools Ltd on Manor Lane, end of Cricket Inn Road - I worked there 1959 to Feb 1963 The guy was older than myself, did not have a driving license and about 20 years older than myself. I am now 79 so he and his wife are probably dead now, unless he is Peter Pan. hey had a son but no idea of his name The people were called Lawrence (known as Tober, or Tauber at work) Jepson and he was foreman in the grinding department. His wife worked in the wages office. I think he was quite a cricket fan, but not sure if, or where, he ever played the game Wonder if anyone on this thread knew them Best Regards - Victor, Subang Jaya, State of Selangor D.E., Malaysia
  3. Quite ight Keith - "don't forget Woodhouse Grammar School " I left in 1957 but sometimes it feels like only 5 minutes Best Wishes - Victor - Wangsa Baiduri, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia (since late 2006)
  4. Correct DUFFEMS - I remember it very well But here is a true but amusing story about Thermogene - my wife's grandmother, Emily, was a thin and very sprightly woman but did not much of a "figure". This was many years ago of course probably before the age of "padded bra's". Wanting to "improve her figure" for some party she was going to she decided to stuff Thermogene into her bra for "a fuller figure" The result being that by the end of the evening when she arrived home and undressed the Thermogene had literally "burned her skin" and apparently it was mega painful - true story Additonal information - Emily was the first travelling saleswoman for Hoover probably 1920's. After leaving Hoover she kept the original cleaner and the containers with the "Dust, Fluff and Grit" which was sprinkled on the customers carper during the demonstration of the machine - remember the advert - "All the dust all the grit Hoover gets it every bit - Hoover beats as it sweeps as it cleans …" She died in 1986, and at the time my wife was an ex area manager of Yorkshire Electricity Board. So she donated the machine and the containers to Hoover for their company showroom with every machine they ever made Even now although we have had many different cleaners over the years my wife, and many others say "hoover the carpet …" eben thought the machine may be a Dyson or Electrolux etc Regards - Victor
  5. Anyone remember Thermogene - having a piece of it put onto your chest underneath your vest. Usually if you had a cold or flue or sometimes in winter just to keep you warm when outside playing in the snow I remember it being an orange colour and in texture a bit like house loft insulation. Victor - Malaysia (don't need Thermogene here though)
  6. Reply to Lazarus Yes Denis was a nice guy, lived at Darnall when I first knew him, his wife Christine worked at a dry cleaning shop along Staniforth Road. They had a son, Phillip who will be around 65/66 now They moved from Darnall to a council house somewhere nearer to Handsworth but after all the years I cannot remember the name of the road/area, may have been at the rear of the Remploy factory ?? - Christine's father Fred lived somewhere near to them after moving from Beaumont Way around mid to late 1970's Denis was a bus conductor of course and I seem to recall that he had a part time job at one of the main pubs near the main traffic lights . Around mid to late 1970's he then went to work at the Old Crown pub at the top of Handsworth Cannot remember when he died but maybe early 1980's - I started to lose contact with the family about 1978 at the time I was getting divorce from my, then wife, Margaret Turner When visiting my parents place every 2/3 weeks (Victor and Jessie Hutchinson at Crest Motors and Shell petrol station at the top of Handsworth - next to Turf Tavern) I sometimes saw Philip when he called for petrol, but the last time would have been 1983/4 My other friends in the area were Denis Hobson, Harry Hodges, ??? Sorby, Malcolm B.... ??? who had a joinery company and few others - we usually met in the Turf Tavern or the White Rose for a few drinks Best Wishes - Victor (Marshall Hutchinson) - Malaysia
  7. My first wife, her parents and sisters/brother lived on Beaumont Way possibly no 3 from about early to mid 1950's Parents were Fred and Doris Turner - son was Brian, daughters were Christine (Married Denis Phoenix), Barbara (Married Roy Turton), Elaine (Married Ray Severns from Woodhouse) and youngest Margaret who I married in July 1963 - she will be about 77 now, 78 in October her friend lived close by - Valerie ??? - about same age - married a guy by the name of Les possibly in 1962 Maybe someone will remember them Best Wishes from Hot and Sunny Malaysia - Victor
  8. Remember Brian Lilley and Terry Stocks - Terry Stocks, like Leslie Cattel thought they were invincible, but they were not of course. Also on Queens Road lived Lionel Starsmore - he will be about 80/81 now if still alive Re Michael Gray - I remember a Michael Gray - will now be 79/80 at Swallownest Junior School 198/9 to July 1951 when I ft the school He lived at Aughton, on one of the roads on the left hand side, before Smallage Lane when travelling from Swallownest into Aughton - just wondering if it was the same person - I remember he had an older sister Others I remember from the Aughton area - Ray Cocking, Jeffrey Jacobs, Derek Simcox, Tillery, Brian Cherry - all will be 79/80 now if still alive Best Wishes from Malaysia - Victor
  9. Correct about Cynthia bullerboy - She was the eldest daughter of Eileen Grayson, (maiden name), who lived near the top of Park Street on the right hand side. Cynthia, was Cynthia Hartley and did some part time modelling for Cole Brothers The younger daughter was Roma Skelton - no idea how come the different surname other than her mothers divorce/marriage - Roma will be around 80/81 now if she is still alive. She worked in the office at Dobsons the tv rental firm around 1964 Eileen Grayson worked for Norman ??? who had the post office on Park Hill, before it moved to opposite the old Pavillion Cinema She rode all around the area on one of the old heavy post office cycles with a big rack on the front for the mail and parcels Best Wishes - Victor Malaysia
  10. yes I remember him around the city centre around 1958 to 1963 when I left for Driffield in East Yorkshire Victor - Malaysia
  11. Dear MikeAK My grandparents also lived in one of the bungalows on Arcabus Avenue - on the right hand site and where the pavement was slightly uphill - this was the Swallownest end of Arcabus Avenue My grandparents were called Elias and Ethel Marshall - old Swallownest Family. Next door to them was my grandmothers younger brother Joseph Wasteney and his wife Olive This would be from about 1959 to when they all died between mid 1965 and about 1980 But I don't know any other residents on that road Best Wishes - Victor -Subang Jaya, State of Selangor D.E. - Malaysia
  12. I was born in Swallownest and lived there until 1966 when I moved to Drifield near Bridlington I can remember amongst local family names that there was a number of Nettleships, even some my age - II know this is probbablyy earlier than you are working on but the ones I remember may be an earlier generation Victor - Malaysia
  13. I seem to recall a lad by the name of Michael Cheadle from Oughtibridge. He was in the same year as myself at Woodhouse Grammar School - Sept 1951 to July 1957 - he will be aged 79/80 now Victor - Malaysia
  14. There was a Jim Maxfield who lived on Balmoral Road in Woodhouse. He was a coach proprietor (Maxfield Coaches). He had a son by the name off "Nobby" who took the business over from him Jim lived next door to one of our family members and I remember him from the mid 1940's to around 1953. Then my family members moved to a new built house in Handsworth I remember seeing Nobby around driving one of the coaches (I think he had 2 no) un til the early 1960's. After that I moved away from Swallownest to Driffield in East Yorkshire I think Nobby joined his father after National Service so if still alive will be approaching 90/92 years old I am sure that you will receive many replies from Woodhouse and Ex Woodhouse people about Maxfields because Jim and Noccy were very well known in the area Good Luck - Victor - Malaysia
  15. My old friend Melvin Jordan worked there until about 1962/3 - he lied with his parents and sister on Parsons Cross Estate at that time he would be about 23/24 years old - think he may have worked in the Drawing Office - I saw him almost weekly in 1958/9 until 1962/63 Will now be 80/81 years old Not seen him for many years - he married a girl from Middlewood and they went to run her parents hotel in Falmouth. Last I hear from him was they were divorced and he had moved out to nearby Penryn - the exchange of news would have been probably 2004/5 I moved to Malaysia in late 2006 and our conversation was prior to that I knew another guy who lived on Wordsworth Avenue, Parsons Cross - he was in the same class and myself at Woodhouse Gammar School 1951/1957 so he will be about 79 years old now. Last time I saw him at a reunion was 2005 and he was retired and living at Dronfield - his name - Lewis Neath - he was also a draughtman but not sure if it was at Samuel Fox's - cannot remember exactly where he said he had worked Best Regards - Victor Marshall Hutchinson - Malaysia
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