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  1. No idea - all I know is that back in 1957/58 I worked at Hubert Smith and Co Accountants on Campo Lane and we used to Audit their books of account every year for their financial year end and taxation purposes Not sure but think the manager as Irish - big guy Wonder if the number referred to bricks produced via a specific brick forming machine or a specific furnace - this would help them to identify any production problems/quality etc and pin point the problem machine or area Just a guess though Regards - Victor - Subang Jaya, State of Selangor, Malaysia
  2. sign of the times - prices go up but never down
  3. Correct - Nescafe is terrible, same as Cona and the types in places like McD and KFC etc Here in Malaysia the same jar is max UK Pounds 2-75 in major supermarkets such as Tesco, AEON, Jaya, Giant etc But has to be cheap because we have shelves and shelves of different coffees on sale, from Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia etc and excellent drinking strength and taste Nescafe is full of advertising hype, similar to Heinz and Kraft with their Plastic Cheese etc and cans of beans and soups etc with minimum taste - the Heinz Beans are too thin and watery and best avoided
  4. Wonder if anyone remembers my late brother in law - Brian Turner He worked there at he time I first met him in late 1962. Lived in a house on road at the side of the Sheffield Wednesday football ground. There back yard was in fact under the stand. As far as I know he was a van driver at the time but no idea where his round was other than he would call at his moters during some days on Beaumont Way, Manor He then moved to customer satisfaction and went around to sort out complaints at shops or homes. Last I heard he moved to Anston but later died - that would maybe as far back as 1970's After I was divorced from my first wife in 1982 I lost contact with Brian because in addition II had lived in Driffield from 1967 and from 2006 here in Malaysia Any news update would be interesting Best Wishes - Victor
  5. May not be connected, but I knew a guy by the name Hukin back in 1975 and for abut 5/6 years thereafter - cannot remember his first name at the moment though At the time he would be in his early 40's - he was a senior partner with a firm of solicitors in Hull I knew him as a Past President of the Hull Junior Chamber of Commerce and Shipping Regards - Victor - Malaysia
  6. Aha Briret now I remember - at that time food was good at lunchtimes Thanks for reminding me of the name Regards - Victor - Selangor - Malaysia
  7. Re Littledale Estate - 1960/63 when I worked at J.Stead Tools Manor Lane there was a guy who worked in the grinding dept by the name of John Surr, he lived on Littledale, and if still alive will be over 90 now maybe 95 even Around 1981/2 I often went for lunch at the pub on Littledale, but cannot remember the name Victor - Selangor, Malaysia
  8. Ah yes - Shiphams is the name I could not remember from many years ago - they made a number of varieties Thank you Arthur Ritus Regards - Victor
  9. Was it Heinz Sandwich Spread ?? " dubbub" I first remember it about 1950/51 when I was much younger and lived in Swallownest (1940 - 1967) Not seen it for years and years, until about 4 months ago when I found it in a supermarket here which sells UK and imported foods etc (non-muslim food) Still tastes exactly how I remember it tasted many years ago But there was also Shiphams Pastes, they manufactured many different ones Also one which came into the shops about 1950 in small white pots - first was a Shrimp Paste - manufacturer was Van Smirren No recollection of the tv advert though even though we had a tv from about 1947/8 Hope this information helps you in your search Here = Malaysia Best Regards - Victor (7-50am and now 94 degrees with clear blue sky - same 365 days - we do not have seasons just continual hot summertime - be around 103 - 108 by mid day)
  10. Just remembered there was a girl working in the packing dept by the name of Maw, but I have no idea of her first name - but she was certainly from the Wybourn. In 1959/1963 she would probably be late teens - nice looking with dark hair - always seemed to be a bit upmarket to most of the others Can visualise her face now, plus all of the others I have mentioned, but after 57 years some names, of complete names currently do not come into my mind I married a girl from Steads in July 1963, name of Margaret Turner, but from Beaumont Way, Manor PPark and I know she did not attend Wyboune School - cannot ask her re any names because I have been divorced from her since 1982 and very happily married since that episode in my life She was very well known there and anyone you come across from those years at Steads will certainly know her - blonde girl who worked in the file grinding department - 1958 to June 1963 Best Wishes - Victor
  11. Try looking at the threads for J Stead and Co because many names crop up there - also known as Balfour-Darwin Tool Division I worked there in the Production Control Dept 1959-Feb 1963 (with Ray Walker who was Assistant Works Manager) and many of the employees at the time may fit into your search - however the girls names will be there maiden names at the time Joyce Jubb and at least 2 no of her sisters worked in the grinding department Biily Foulston head guy on the loading bay and readying shipping crates Elijah ??? worked in the scouring dept Pauline ?? worked in the finished goods store Nellie ??? in charge of the packaging dept Ivy Tandy (married to Bill Tandy) production control dept Sylvia Maskery (married to Terry Cheetham) production control dept Marples girls and their young brother - various departments Adrian ??? Preskey Many others but from areas outside of Wybourn - such as Manor, Darnall, Attercluffe, Mnor Park etc and much older than the time you are looking at I will come back on this if I remember any more Best Wishes and Good Luck (Bon Chance) in your quest Victor Marshall Hutchinson - (now 79.1/2) - Swallownest at the time, then in 1967 to Driffield (near Bridlington,) then to Malaysia from late 2006 - my current residential location 70% and Dubai 25%
  12. 21 went from pond street to Intake then Handsworth, Orgreave, Treeton, Aughton, Swalownest and then turned around at Aston. Buses were double deck, but lower roof line to get under low bridge between Treeton and Orgreave 15 went from Pond Street to Manor Top, Intake, Handsworth, Woodhuse Mill, Swallownest, Aston, Todwick, Anston, Dinnington 85 went from Pond Street to Attecliffe, Darnall, Handsworth, Woodhouse Mill, Swallownest, Aston, Todwick, Aston, Worksop then to Gainsborough 6 went from Pond Street, Attercliffe, Darnall, Handsworth, Woodhouse Mill, Swallownest, Aston, Todwick, Aston, Dinnington 19 went from Pond Street, Manor Top, Intake, Normanton Springs, Woodhouse, Woodhouse Mill, Swallownest, Wales, Kiveton, Todwick, Dinnington Think most are correct but not sure about the 6 whether that also went through Kiveton Used all these in late 40's, and to mid 50's - old enough to drive in 1956 (motorbike) and 1957 (car) when travelling to and from Sheffield, or Woodhouse (WGS school) , Handsworth to play around with v cousins etc Don't remember any tram routes because they only ran to Handsworth Did 23 run from Woodhouse (terminus opposite Station Hotel) via Wodhouse, Woodhouse Mill, Normanton Springs, Intake, Manor Top and into Sheffield Many years ago now and never been on a bus since July 1956 Best Wishes from Malaysia, year round summer, no seasons - Monday 8-08am, 84 degrees and climbing - will be over 100 by mid day, fairly average - a cold day is around 96/97 degrees Victor ex Swallownest to 1967, ex Driffield to 2006, Subang Jaya (9 miles south of Kuala Lumpur) since end of 2006
  13. I went to WGS 1951/1957 I am still in regular e mail and WhatsApp with a number of e pupils from y years there, residing in UK, Australia, Canada, France - I have lived in Malaysia for the past 12 years My name is Victor Marshall Hutchinson 79 but 80 on July 01 2020 I am tying to locate a guy from the same years there, knew him firstly at Swallownest Infants then Junior School = name is Danny Randal or Randall. At the time he lived with his aunt on Park Hill, Swallownest He is married with grown up children. Originally worked for United Coke and Chemicals at Treeton Grange then the company offices moved to Orgreave I heard recently that after marrying he lived on, or just off, Richmond Road Handsworth Any information will be helpful Best Wishes from Malaysia - Victor
  14. Thanks Oughtiboy - I will ask my 2 cousins (Coal Aston and Highgreave) to check out the phione book and Voters Registration Best Wishes - Victor
  15. Danny and myself were childhood friends, in same classes at Swallownest Infants School and Junior School then we both passed the 11+ and went o Woodhouse Grammar School He lived with his auntie on Park Hill, Swallownest and visited his mother regularly, she lived at Hollinsend, just below Intake. His mother lived just across the road from a mutual school friend - he is still alive, retired as Man Dir from his own materials testing company, living in Nottingham I havn't seen him since probably 1960/61 although we lived just over the hill about 150 yards. I was working for a London company from 1961 and then another of their offices in Manchester. 1966 I left for Driffield, and in 2006 Malaysia No idea who he married or where they lived. But my father went to the United Coke and Chemicals offices in Orgreave around mid 1970's and he told me he had seen Danny working there - cannot be any later year because we semi-retired my father to Bempton, near Bridlington about 1977/8 and he was only a part timer at Handsworth business from about 1974/5 That's all the help I can give you - I have no idea whether Danny is still alive and kicking, or not - there has been nothing on the Woodhouse Grammar School web site in the "old pupils passing" notifications and up to July 2006 I have never seen him at any of the School Reunions As for his age, will be 80/81 now - he was one of the slightly older pupils in our classes - I will be 80 in July of this year If you find anything out or even a contact number for Danny could you please let me know Best Wishes - Victor, Malaysia - hot every day, no seasons - virtually similar every day of the year -today (Sunday) 2-40pm it is pushing 108 degrees, but will drop to about 88/90 degrees during the night
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