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Wanted a good cctv company

doggie 5

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I run my own CCTV system at home... all you need is a pc with a dual core processor, 500Gb of free space and a free app like Milesight VMS lite.


I've got 2 external night vision IP cameras that do 1080p from eBay /Amazon


You'll need some network cable if you want to cable them up. You'll also need 2 external junction boxes (99p each) and 2 extension cables for the power (£2 each).


If you want the night vision to reach more than about 15 foot you'll have to get an IR floodlight and wire that in separately. I've got one but just not wired it in yet.


You can do most of the install work yourself and either watch YouTube videos for setting up the software or I'll pop round for a brew and sort you out.


If you only wanted internal cameras then I'd suggest some Motorola Focus cameras. You can pay about £30 a year for a 7 day cloud recording subscription. I have 1 of these in the kitchen facing the back door.


Drop me a private message if you want to come round and have a look.

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So you may get around ten minutes , then it's off , the machine probably won't re- boot so the cameras now don't work ?


Well, the bigger the UPS the longer it lasts and more expensive it is. Mine is only rated for about 30-50 minutes then it shuts down the computer safely. You when power is restored you can set the computer to turn back by itself and log itself in and start the recording program. That's how I've got mine set up.

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