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Help needed to set up digital model railway

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Are there any model railway enthusiasts out there who would help us upgrade our layout from analogue to digital? We have an old track layout and are currently running on two Hornby R965 controllers. We've been looking at digital controllers and Neil at Olivia's Trains can check our locos and put the necessary chips in but I think we'd struggle to wire everything up.


If anyone would be prepared to help us upgrade our layout we'd be happy to pay.

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From my limited knowledge......

All points need to be electrofrog but can be converted using little clips that look like big staples...model shops sell them.

Insulating fishplates need to be replaced with standard metal one's.

You only need to feed the track at 1 point as the voltage is always there but the loco's only move when the digital signal tells them to...this is why ALL the track needs to be connected together.

Best of luck!

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  • 3 months later...


i would love to help but i dont get over to sheffield much these days

maybe once amonth


but what i would recomed is that you stay clear of Oilver's trains has there ripoffs,


and also i would check out a forum called BR BLUE


90% of the members on there run DCC and there is no shortage of advice and any item of railways .


my name on the forum is hangover515 so if you need any help just look me up

also see avrovulcan he's DCC man to


if i can be of any help please get in touch


all the best


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