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Best 11 for Euro's


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gk--- Frazier Forster




Midfield-- Henderson,Ox Chamberlain


Wingers-- Zaha,Walcott





Not a great team but a team with exceptional fitness.

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Sterling is an option.


Puncheon has sublime skill.


Rooney...prefer not.


Sturridge when fit-- definitely-- which then pushes Vardy out to the wing,who then replaces Walcott.


Not seen enough of Spurs player Deli-Ali.


England did lack creative ability in the last WC and their finishing especially from Sturridge and Rooney was dreadful.

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Baines is good but I prefer Milner with his superior fitness.


Wilfred Zaha can provide a spark that England lacked in the last WC.


He has the skill that Walcott lacks.


What about Danny Rose at left back? He's looked damn good this season at Spurs. Baines has been nonexistent for a year and I say again, Milner in defense?

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I have not watched that much EPL recently,but Milner has two good feet and can play at lift back no problem.


Rose possibly and a few others.


Just hope the manager doesn't go with the same boring tried and trusted.


Like a Welbek,Rooney and Kane front three--- looks boring on paper.


England need more flair,more creative ability.


Zaha might just be the one to give them that spark.

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