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Photographer Needed!


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well said.

If you find out the going rate then say what you will pay this might make it easier.


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But it would still have to state £80, and what for, All the work, this one job,an hour, a day,a week.

I've done property and parties I've never spent more than 1hr in a property, parties are more involved that would be more costly due to the Moaning Minnies that tend to get wasted at the opening of a crisp packet always wanting to try your very expensive bit of kit out, so you have to factor in the hassle, even if there are 99 well behaved attendee you can almost guarantee 1 or 2 that will be difficult.


Half day would be 4 hours upto four locations, parties usually 3hr+ depending on where it is, I've done a few boat parties, therefore no opportunity to escape even if you've shot everything you need.

I'm sure the

o/p will get someone for whatever budget they have.

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