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Real life experiences 5K iMac


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I am looking to overhaul my office and replace my ageing and increasingly troublesome personal PC with an iMac 5K.


I am wondering if people here own one and what they think of it. Not interested in a Mac/PC debate, I'm capable of making up my own mind and have, now gaming is becoming less important for me and productivity more, I am going to go Mac, I have a MacBook Air and love that it does what I want, but for the final step, web editing, image editing, possible video editing, I need extra and I think the iMac offers that and more.


One concern is that the top GPU apparently gets throttled pretty hard?

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I had mine for about 72 hours before it got returned on the 14-day policy. The screen made me feel travel sick and could only spend 15 minutes at a time in front of it. I guess if it doesn't have this effect on you then for image and video editing it's great but a bad idea for web editing.


The reason for that is that you get different visuals to the average website visitor. Everything could look perfect on your 5K Retina screen and filled with artefacts and distorted on medium-res Windows machine. This becomes apparent on websites that have greyscale shadows to produce mirror and 3d page/sheet effects where on a Retina screen it looks like somebody literally dropped a piece of paper on the monitor and on the average PC monitor it looks like thick grey stripes with a bad gradient.


I know you didn't want the Mac/PC debate but just as a real life example, I was rendering CAD-produced components in Blender, the Mac was the Radeon R9 M290X equipped version and was slower than my own Haswell i5, NVidia based unit. I use a Dell Ultrasharp on that and find the colours more vibrant and natural then the Retina display.

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