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Iphone Lock button problem?


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Hello I need some help with my Iphone 4.


The problem is this the lock button at the top of the phone is not working it stopped randomly you can press it and it does nothing its not like it is stuck.


randomly when using my Iphone the screen goes black like I have just pressed the lock screen and it sometimes takes screen shots it has been turned off since this has happened I just have no idea why it now keeps doing it Ive not downloaded anything recently I just don't no how to fix it


thanks Jack!

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The wiring loom for the button needs replacing. I had a similar problem with an iPhone 4. Repaired it myself for only a few quid but was quite a tricky repair for anyone not used to that kind of thing as the speaker and proximity sensor are on the same loom. Shouldn't cost much for a phone repair shop to do I wouldn't think.


This is the part you need and there's plenty of how to videos on YouTube if you feel upto the challenge.


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