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This weekends entertainment @ firth park wmc


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SATURDAY 18th April

we have a lass over from leeds called TASHA who is a comedy act plus top vocalist,she loves getting people involved so please join in could be a smashing fun night

TASHA Female comedy vocalist, an act with a difference! Once seen never forgotten! :hihi::hihi::hihi:


SUNDAY 19th April

We have a great band down from the north east first time at our club called THE BRIGADE been hearing great things about this band they have been getting rave reviews at every venue well worth a look me thinks


Sensational live band, fronted by the amazing voice of Shelley, performing excellent versions of songs by...:clap::clap::clap:

Cher, Meatloaf, Fleetwood Mac, Pink, Starship, Whitesnake, Journey, Billy Idol, Bryan Adams, Heart, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar and many more.

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Why don't you have them on Friday and Saturday nights instead of Saturday / Sunday?


We can hear them from a couple of streets away :help:


Nevertheless, I'll have a listen out for them (not that I'll have much choice! ) :)


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Hi Joker SORRY re any noise you can hear a few streets away which street? Believe it or not the soundproofing is way above the standard required by sheffield city council's we do respect the neighbours,also please note that the wmc has been there longer than many of the current residents and everyone who bought there homes in the area would or should have known about the club which has very very little trouble involving its members there is only entertainment saturday & sundays as most fridays there are private events which are vetted before being allowed to rent the room first time this has been raised but it is what it is enjoy your X FACTOR ETC ETC ETC YAWN ;)

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Many thanks for your reply, much appreciated :)


I agree about the lack of trouble from the WMC, I've only seen (and heard. . .) a couple of incidents in the few years I've been living here.


In fact, the Asian weddings you occasionally host are the NOISIEST evenings you have!


Please tell them to stop BEEPING their car horns when they leave!


I will have a listen out for Sunday night. I'm looking forward to some great cover versions, but I do have work on Monday morning :(

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