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Card, Board and Tabletop Gaming WEEKEND 9th-10th May


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Card, Board and Tabletop Gaming WEEKEND


Platform 7 Gaming


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Platform7Gaming


Friday 8th May 6pm to Sunday 10th May 6pm


at The Portal in Sheffield City Centre



Come down and join us for a day of gaming, snacks and good times.


If you are into gaming and/or are just looking for an excuse to come down and check out what its all about, please join us.


You are welcome to bring along your own favourite games, you will almost certainly find some people willing to play at least one of them.


Players are welcome to bring partners, girlfriends, husbands etc, you don’t have to play the games to come, just come and be social.


Plenty of games to keep you occupied including games consoles, table tennis, football tables, various lounge areas and a tuck shop.


Pay at the door


Day Ticket £6

(Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 10am-6pm)


Weekend Ticket £10

(From Sat 10am-Sunday 6pm)

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We are pleased to announce that Ashley from Zone Out - Doncaster will be attending the event


He will be bringing along some tabletop games/armies as well as a selection of card & board games.


Collectively the following games (& more) will be available during the event.


Betrayal at the house on the Hill

Fluxx: - Monty Python




Cards against humanity, (US edition +Official expansions 1-5)

Crabs adjust humidity 1-3

Werewolves of millers hollow + new moon.

Magic The Gathering (various versions) and demo decks

Weiss Schwarz - Demo Decks

WWE Raw Deal - Demo Deck




Tabletop: Wargaming Table Matt and a couple of Warhammer Fantasy Armies


Dreadball - Hobbit strategy game

Formula D



Last night on Earth


Family Business

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Just over a week to go…


The ★ GAME OVER ★ MONTHLY GAMING NIGHT ★ SHEFFIELD ★ team will now be running the console lounges





There will be Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Ultimate Street Fighter 4

Along with Mortal Kombat 9

Street Fighter 3

Third Strike

GameCube with Smash Bros

Mario Kart


Super Monkey Ball

Soul Calibur

Crash Team Racing

Crash Bash

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Damnit, I should really check this forum more often.


Reckon I'll be there Sat from 4. I'll bring One Night Ultimate Werewolf


YES Ultimate Werewolf - been wanting to check that one out...


think ill be hosting a game or two on the sat night...

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Had a brilliant time yesterday, thanks for making me feel welcome guys.

I felt pretty intimidated when I turned up, 'specially as I'm a newb to board/card games, and coming alone too, but if anybody else feels the same, let the guys on the door know you've never been and they'll put you at ease.


I'll keep checking the website for the next event.

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