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Tomato plant / seed swap.

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I like to grow dfferent varieties so am after some different cherry tomato seeds / plants.


I grew some unusual ones last year and though I had seeds left but I can't find them. Anyone got any they fancy doing swaps with?


Only seeds I can find are Moneymaker, Roma and Alicante. I will probably get some sungold but they are expensive when you only want a few. Happy to do swaps or club together for other varieties.


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I have some Shirley and some F1 sweet million, but would love to swap some for some of those seeds you have Starlet? Or if anyone wants some small rhubarb crowns or violetta Chioggia/Vert de laon artichokes ? :-)


Certainly Andrew. There's not enough Sungold to go around but plenty of the others! drop me a pm and we can arrange something!

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