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Astro turf question

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A number of my customers are beginning to ask for astro turf and we lay it.


The surface underneath needs to be prepared well. We take off the top surface, using a digger if we can, then compact the solid ground underneath. We would then put in the grass perimeter - generally wood with stakes. We then fill in with compacted aggregate, then sand.


Finally the grass - this needs seaming and pinning.


Its rather like preparing the ground for laying a drive. I prefer real grass but can see why more customers are wanting us to take up the grass and lay the artificial type.

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Many thanks for your reply. I am just in the initial stages of thinking about it, weighing up cost & low maintenance against having to drag myself into the garden every couple of weeks to maintain it (I have a lovely garden, but I hate gardening)!

Depending on cost, I would probably be looking to get it done in the next few months.

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Hi we are thinking of having artificial lawn and have received some samples which look good and aren't a bad price but the fitting was a bit steep. Does anyone know anyone that installs this but for a reasonable price?

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