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Amazon Delivery - Minimum Wage?

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Just had my delivery from Amazon (some great sewing books) and the delivery man told me that he doesn't even make minimum wage (despite being out in all this snow). Can this be right? I thought companies had to pay at least minimum wage?? :s

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They are self employed......and it's his choice at the end of the day. Not sure why a wage increase should be expected during inclement weather.....he sits in a van most of the day, jumping in and out to deliver....and they always pull up where they're not supposed to nearest the door they are delivering to,so no trudging for any length of time in any inclement weather, so what he's moaning about, is probably that the snow causes some delays so takes him longer to deliver his packages which will be on piece rate not hourly rate. (depending where he is driving to and from as most of the roads in the UK are open after all).

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