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Mtb Trails in and around Rotherham

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Hi all,

We are big into our biking but struggle to any xct mtb trails around here. We've done greno Canklow but we are trying to find the hidden gems in the area, does anybody know of any we can hit??


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We are also trying to get a local forum for bikers up and running too if anybody wants to post on there

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Hi zigzag, yes mate I was there only yesterday.Have you ever noticed the massive disused motorbike over the other side of the res from the woods, its massive and would make a nice little technical route with a few little bridges


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Motorbike track

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The woods between treeton and woodhouse mill (treeton dyke ) are worth a go but its a long time since i was in there.


Depends how far you want to go. It's still a nice route but takes about 10 minutes to do the full length. You can carry on from Treeton and past Ulley or go the other way through wood house mill and into Rother valley. There s a nice route from rother valley to chesterfield down the old train tracks. If you follow the full route past the chesterfield canal is about 23 miles thre and back

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