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  1. zigzag

    C.B. Radio in Sheffield

    The CB days .....good times....many friends made and a son !
  2. zigzag

    Pond Street Nora

    My mum used to work in that chippy and often talked about subway cyril coming over at closing time for a free supper.
  3. zigzag

    Rising Beer Prices!!

    Its almost as expensive as here but at least the beer here is strong ,close to 6% for a standard strong beer and some bars have a limited bar menu with a beer thrown in for around £10 ....proper belly full too!
  4. Go and live in Sheffield and get back to normality that's my advice , I have lived in the land of the Swedes for far too long and the only true friends i have are other foreigners.Not nasty people the Swedish but their society is inward looking and everybody does the same thing ,no comparison can be drawn to life in Yorkshire.
  5. Oh don't get me started on this topic .....had the same problem selling a flat we owned in Chesterfield it cost me a business purchase because it dragged on so long, had to do most of the work ourselves (not easy when you live in another country).In the end i had to conclude that the solicitors are just a bunch of self serving ,thieving middle men!
  6. zigzag

    E.G.R. valve blank off plate.

    Blank it off ..emission control on diesels is a joke ..egr valve , particulate filter etc, in my experience are a licence to print money not save the planet!
  7. zigzag

    Old Sheffield tools

    I am in Nyköping Duckfeet a fair bit further north than your bit of Sweden..
  8. zigzag

    Old Sheffield tools

    I have just started replacing all my substandard new mechanics tools with old mostly Sheffield made tools as the only tools i have that have stood the test of time are the ones i first bought over thirty years ago. If only we had only seen the importance of quality and brand loyalty a few years ago maybe some of our tool companies would have survived.Yes Duckfeet i live in Sweden also and are sick of the swedes telling me how good their tools are and how they think they invented everything !
  9. zigzag

    How can you mend a broken heart?

    Shakespeare ...its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all......true i think.
  10. zigzag

    Driving in the dark

    A lot of new cars have auto dip headlights that switch from high beam to dipped mode when an approaching car is detected and some have auto adjust headlights that follow the contours of the road .Although these seem like a great idea in the real world these systems tend to be less considerate that a human .....but when it comes Audi models they are fitted with drivers that are commonly known as the most selfish people on the planet!
  11. zigzag

    Rover car ignition fob

    Are you 100% sure the battery is good and in the right way around ? with the key out of the ignition press the unlock button multiple times it should sync if it is working , on some models pressing both unlock and lock buttons does the same trick.If this fails take it to lock smith (harolds is best) and they will check that it is sending a signal .If its dead it will be cheaper to buy an ECU /alarm module/fob set from ebay .You need all three as they are coded together ,about £30-£40 easy job to change takes about 20 mins . hope this helps.
  12. zigzag

    It's Plain Talker - an update

    Sad to hear the best Sheffield forumer is having such a bad time ,sorry for the loss of your dad and all the best for the new year.
  13. zigzag

    Help reading a code

    This may be a bit late but is it a turbo diesel by any chance ?

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