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  1. Go about 5pm and it’s dead, you can normally get right to the steps with no other cars
  2. So much for lasting 4 months, no where near finished and looks like it will be another 4 months
  3. Anyone know what the former toys r us at the retail park is going to be, it’s got hoarding around the front and scaffolding all the way around
  4. It was cancelled shortly after tickets went on sale, no explanation why but I imagine the ticket price and poor sales had an impact
  5. When I complained they said households with 6 or more can have additional support, not sure what that is but it may be worth contacting them
  6. They should still come and collect it on a separate lorry if you call them, you don’t need to take it to the tip yourself. Single use plastics are not recycled by veolia so while it is recyclable somewhere it’s not here. slightly separate note but does anyone find their blue bin is not big enough? I’ve complained to veolia and the council but just get a standard reply and they claim all the people that trialed it said it was enough, I have so far made 2 trips to the recycling point at Asda because it was full within 2 weeks. Anymore will go in the general waste bin
  7. I also fully recommended them, they are family run and won’t rip you off. Been using them for the last 14 years
  8. Revised plans have been submitted and are currently awaiting a decision, the new plan scrapped the gym above and just had 2 units not 3
  9. Think you might have got your wires crossed slightly
  10. When toys r us closes there will be 6 empty units at the retail park which will be more than the ones that are open. I imagine the rent is ridiculous but maybe it’s time for a rethink
  11. Is this Shop ever going to open, they must be losing hundreds of thousands in lost revenue
  12. They have been around for years, they used to be mail order then online but has now started opening stores, cannot see it being an general public shop they sell catering stuff only
  13. Anyone know what it’s going to be, it’s boarded up and the shop fitters are in
  14. What’s Debenhams got to do with the o2? I worked there for several years when it first opened as the carling academy then the o2 and it very quickly went down hill. It’s a shame because the potential is there but they don’t get enough acts to spend money on the building and it’s only sponsored by o2 it’s academy music company that owns it
  15. Shop fitters are in (and a lot of them) anyone know what it’s going to be?
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