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Russian Gourmet Supper Club - A Cossack Food Feast


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My friend is presenting a variety of food at this event on 4th May 2013.


There are 7 courses. It is being held at Hartingtons in Bakewell. The meal also includes voka (of course!) and wine. Here's how they introduce the evening... more information at their web site.


We welcome Cossack Cuisine to Hartingtons to showcase the best of Russian food as well as cuisine from countries in the former Soviet Union. Russian food evolved over the centuries with a multitude of ingredients and culinary influences brought back by the Cossacks from their forays into surrounding regions. Leeza Murina originally from St. Petersburg will wow you with her fabulous flavours from this little known culinary region. Tantalise your taste buds, experience and be amazed at the complexity and diversity of this regions food and drink.


Here is the menu. The evening costs £40. It is likely to sell out quickly.


The menu will feature the following:



Salmon Mousse and Caviar Pancake Rolls


Russian Sparkling Wine



Borscht served with Cabbage Bread

A meat-free variation of a Russian Beetroot soup with 15 different seasonal non-blended vegetables served with fresh parsley and soured cream.




Fish Course

Baltic Fish Cakes

Chunks of fresh white fish fillets available on the day, shaped as cakes and served with egg and cheese garlic dip, garnished with watercress.




Cold Meat Course

Russian Cold Roast Pork

Traditional garlic-marinated cold starter, a must for a dinner party with a shot of vodka, served with red crunchy salad, accompanied with horseradish and mustard.





Today’s Main – Beef Stroganoff

Served with celeriac mash and spicy carrot salad.


Russian Red Wine


Divine Deserts

Today’s duet of dessert comprises of Nutcracker Cake and Leeza’s Celebration Gateaux


Nutcracker Cake – light as a ballet movement but as nutty as the maker, light sponge with meringue, vanilla custard cream and lots of almonds.


Leeza’s Celebration Gateaux - moist sponge laced with Lemoncello and raspberry fruit mousse finished with fresh cream.


Tea and Coffee


The Gourmet Supper Club convenes at 7.00 p.m in our converted saw mill in the heart of Bakewell and has rapidly established itself as one of the highlights of the Peak District's 'culinary scene'. Have a look at our recent Gourmet Supper Clubs to get a flavour of this one off iconic event.


PS. Leeza Murina also bakes amazing cakes. Google "Leezascakes"

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My friend is having another Russian Gourmet Supper Club in June and in July - I could post details here.


Let me see how tonight's event goes at Hartington's in Bakewell. I will post feedback from the guest's for your information.

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