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  1. having worked in kitchens for the last 10 years I've seen my fair share of misbehaving children. One guy is so laid back over the space of 7 years I've seen his kids jump up and down on sofas, scream, lick the cake that was on display AND poo on the sofa. His response has always been to chuckle and gently tell them not to whilst walking out the door
  2. http://girlwhoatetheworld.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/where-to-eat-and-shop-for-health.html newest blog post has a few places I've recommended for those following any speciality diet
  3. It was a great day! Took photo's, met and hugged Rankin Roger and got fit from all the dancing and cycling there and back!
  4. sims 3 pictionary spyro klonoa tetris
  5. koko but I didn't get that one til about 6 years ago
  6. Jeez, there really are a lot of soulless people using this site
  7. its a plastic recycling centre in attercliffe http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=236tz9&s=5
  8. Delicious home cooked traditional food. Click here for more details. Limited availability!
  9. I'm addicted to their chilli paneer wraps! I also reviewed them a while back here I love them!
  10. The red cowboy hat wearing guy with his inability to press more than one key on his elc piano or bang his plastic tambourine void of rhythm whilst saying random things - he makes me smile. I've seen him get a lot of tips, people must think he has an illness. Maybe he does, nevertheless he brightens my day.
  11. I love revels! I remember the peanut ones, but not the coconut or strawberry. I usually settle for popcorn, sweet and salt mixed together.
  12. I have tattoos and yeah, it depends how someone is looking at them. If they are looking at them because they look good, which many people do as whenever I show them I get compliments then that's ok. If they were to look at them with disgust then I don't think I'd be too happy with that. and Earthly - nice pic!
  13. I know a guy who eats 10 every morning! He is very healthy and happy
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