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Restarting a garden

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we have decided to strip the 50yr old turf from our front garden and plants shrubs/bushes/bedding plants. just discovered how backbreaking removing old turf is. now its time to start refilling the land with something that looks nicer than the turf.


if anyone has anything going spare we would love to replant into our garden.


I can collect, and can dig out. and give plenty of thanks.

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Sun-glow gifted me some lovely Primrose and i was offered a couple of roses from freecycle so the work has started. looking forward to seeing everything settle in and mature over time.


if anyone has anything else they want rid of then i would love to give the plants a good new home

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might not be what you are looking for but I have a 7ft high silver birch tree. It is a self seeder and is a really nice shape. It really is in the wrong part of our garden so needs to come out but its too nice to bin. I'd be happy to help you dig it out and be very happy to see it go to a nice home.


Parent tree can be viewed - well I believe its the parent tree anyway :)


pls pm me for more details.

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