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  1. avoid like the plague. if you dig deeper you will find all the "good" reviews are fake. google for Vance Miller
  2. or maybe they are the ones cooking it properly
  3. its not just posh folk. i love my steak rare. cremation is for people who cant cook very well.
  4. house prices rising meals i get to eat when old. when i moved south to sheffield i didnt sell my previous house. its let out long term when i hit pension age i will sell it and live on that for the rest of my days.
  5. blue skies, fresh snow, smiles and tits. thats the 4 things that make me smile most
  6. my belief is this no one is going to let a 95million quid network lie in the ground and rot. thats a network that someone else can buy for a song and take over. with none of the costs of digging up the roads. does anyone really think BT will run fibre to their own cabinets. if theres already fibre to a cab 2 metres away. nope they (or someone else will take over the network, save a fortune, make a fortune. and for those of us on origin, very little will change
  7. 20 yrs of being misslead/brainwashed by the media and the guv.
  8. Willps. i am on origin and have broadband from them in Walkley. i trust my provider. way more than i trust someone on a forum with what appears to be an agenda. i want to know what proof you have that my BB will end.
  9. Paul Blade is spot on. there are a good few on here would seem to prefer to put their mouths behind a faceless multinational than a local company. BT still cant supply the speeds that Origin have for the past 18 months. i can see two cabinets from my house. one DR one BT. the BT one isnt live yet. the DR has been since Jan 2012. Winner to DR.
  10. DR may be closing down. but how do you know that Origin has not already souirced an alternative and new customers to them are not going to that alternative.
  11. Origin broadband for me. had it 18 months. great service and great support.
  12. pete, it seems theres a good few who seem happy that the project hasnt done well. they have been knocking DR for a long time. for me personally i am more than happy with Origin. they gave me decent internet over a year before anyone else could. and i will be sticking with them if they continue to operate.
  13. you did not say you had a phobia. you said you where a nervous flier and you needed a fag to calm you down. then you said it would be 16 whole hours before your next one. reads like the fags are running your life. not the other way round.
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