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  1. Some staff in the offices seem don't really known the duties of their department. I rang them well before the virus, it took 30 minutes to speak to first person, a nice lady. Then, she put through to another department, then another, .....eventually,I was back the lady again. She sounded quite frustrated, said it was the right department she put me through and put me through again .........i ended up coming back to the lady AGAIN. She give me a email address to contact. I did received a reply 4 weeks later, and was promised someone will contact me over the phone. Nothing happened from then on.
  2. Thank you very much for mentioning "air" . It's what the problem is. Sorted out. Keep your contract in mind for future use. Thanks again.
  3. I had hot water supply and hot radiators this summer. The boiler sames still working but the radiators is not hot at all, just luke warm. Anybody give a bisic idea what could be the problem? Is it going to be a big job? Many thanks
  4. No informatin about this incident but heard student tenants said that another chinese student was robbed near IQ building day before.
  5. Thank you cgksheff and dimple39. It's what I am thinking or whishing.Then, it's not a big problem. ---------- Post added 30-08-2013 at 21:06 ---------- [/color] I'm not sure if there is any pipe there. The loft was boarded when I bought the house 2 and half years ago. Should the stains show sooner after I bought it?
  6. Hi, folks, can any body explain this. there are two pathches black stain shown on my second floor room ceiling. The loft was boarded more than three years ago, and there is no leaking on my roof. What could be the reason? How can I treat them? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  7. Thank you joat36. It's sounds much wiser and safer. We always learn something from elderly people and I bet your father is a good gardener.
  8. So, do you have to cut off less in Autumn and give a bit more to play with in spring?
  9. I always prun my roses in autumn before it is too wet according to gardening programme on TV.
  10. I have sowed some broadbeans s traight in my allotment as I did in my garden last year. But the weather... The two pots of chilli from last year are doing well on my kichen window sill where has no heating. One has red chillis on another has just got quite a lot small green chillis. Nice.
  11. It sounds like they are died. I keep some cuttings in door every autumn and plant the cuttings out next year. All the left overs outside will die in winter. They seems not very hardy.
  12. I agree. I didn't receive the questionare neither my neighbour plot holders. ---------- Post added 06-03-2013 at 20:53 ---------- The information in another topic showes: the 2013/14 allotment budget: £135k Staff Salaries (the ranger is funded from a different budget; are you sure that this is just for two FT officers?) If it's for TWO Full Time officer, it's really a good job I want it too.
  13. I've thirteen Primerose in different colours and fragrant. they have been in my garden for three years so the root system is strong but looks tatty at this season. I want the space for some herbs. PM me if you want them.
  14. Watched it.Feel sad. I'm worrying for the future of my allotment. I really don't want anything like that happen to me.
  15. you are a generous person, mc55. Thank you. Your advice let me recall the topic “Allotment Police”, an allotment owner here asked for help, because the council was not satisfied with his progress. I've tooke some photos the first day enter my allotment. it can be used as a evidence in case got same trouble with council.
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