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Christening gift

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Can anyone think of something fairly unusual for my grandsons naming ceremony.


It will be in 3 weeks, my youngest daughter is also a god mum to him. My grandsons mum has been through the mill a bit recently and also helped me with my recouperation,

Any ideas?


Cheers Michelle x

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How about doing something very personal from here ........




Something special and unique.


ah u beat me to it , i was reading about this place last night, has great reviews and offer some lovely personal gifts, and to the Op there r sites where u can have little books made, with photos, quotes etc in them all personal to the person ur buying the gift for, ill search some links and re post

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Ah thanks guys for the lovely recommendations! I saw title of the post and was going to reply, but you beat me to it!!!


If you're not feeling very arty or creative we would be happy to paint and personalise something for you, or we have gift vouchers which are really popular.


We find lots of parents are given vouchers for newborns. They make a lovely and very special gift. Parents love to come to the shop and use them to pay for a keepsake (we can capture their little ones hands and feet in clay / ceramics or even pure silver!) x

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