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Cockerpoo for rehoming


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Reason for Rehome / Sale - personal circumstancies which has lead to us not been able to give Lottie the attention she requires

Time Scale – How Urgent? - urgent

Sale Amount - Free to a very loving home

Has the Dog been in Rescue - no

Location - Sheffield, S20

Age & Sex - Female, 16 months old

Breed/ Mix - Cocker poo - toy poodle and cocker spaniel cross

KC Registered - no be registered with kennel registration

Approximate size - Small dog

Exercise Needed - Yes - one long walk at night in evening but twice at weekends

Neutered & Micro chipped - chipped not neutered

Vaccinated & Wormed - Yes - just had her booster

Live in / out - In

Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals - Yes with other dog

Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - no

Temperament - very loving and sweet natured

Good or Bad with Children - excellent

Dislike of Men or Women - fine with both

OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals - yes

Travel OK in Car - yes, sometimes get anxious

Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time - yes longest is 7 hours

Destructive Behaviour - no

Barks - only when someone knocks on the door

Pull on the lead - no

Crate trained - yes

Housetrained - yes


General Information you can share about the Dog


Due to personal circumstances we have decided to give up our cockerpoo which is no fault of hers, She is a lovely, sweet natured and well trained little girl. She will suit someone who will give her the attention she needs. She is a blue roan colour and has wavy hair. She loves been centre of attention and is very affectionate.


Please PM if you are someone who can give lottie a new home. We would love her to go to a nice loving family. I also have pictures that i can send on



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do you still have your little girl available, as i am really intersted in her


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sorry nat but i cant pm you till i have done 5 post arggghhhhh . could you message me an email address plz


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this is frustrating


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especially when you are really interested in something


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and cant even reply back to the owner who has messaged you first via pm


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Im so sorry, i still can't pm you if though i keep trying, Sue has just sent me pic of her OMG she is absolutely stunning I have fallen in love with her

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I have wrote a pm but not sent it, I would love her but feel my brood is too big, my cocker I lost 3 years ago was called Lottie and I still miss her.. Please be very very careful who you let have her, they are such loving dogs and there's some horrid people out there :-(

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Just seen she's not neutered please,please, get her done before rehoming her or god knows where she will end up... In fact I am soooo tempted to see if you would re-home her to me, I feel worried for her.. Sami73 may be really genuine but has only just joined the forum?

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