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  1. If its the same pitch we used to play on Ie: Holmesfield fc it is an excellent set up
  2. Ive always found that its nothing to write home about just a standard run of the mill chippy, A proper chippy has to cook in dripping in my opinion
  3. 30th June in s12, for an under 13 friendly. message me with your details please. will also be needing a regular ref throughout next season. Thanks
  4. anyone involved in a team thats looking for players? thanks
  5. id take it to mr gearbox at attercliffe http://mistergearbox.co.uk/index.php?
  6. just off of ridgeway road but can deliver if im passing your way
  7. They are not algae eaters but eat pest snails and help to keep your tank free of them
  8. The Assassin Snail Get rid of your unwanted snails in your fish Tanks! The Assassin Snail (Clea helena) has been welcomed by fishkeepers as the single best all-around snail-killing animal in the hobby. Existing choices were limited to things like pufferfish and the larger loaches, particularly botiine loaches, but these fish are often difficult to maintain, and in the case of puffers especially, tend to be nippy towards their tankmates. The Assassin Snail is very different. It is small, completely harmless towards fish and shrimps, and generally very easy to keep. It is also very pretty, bright yellow with chocolate brown stripes. Clea are whelks, most of which live in the sea. Like their marine relatives, Clea are opportunistic carnivores that feed on both live prey and carrion. Among the prey taken are snails, and it is this that has made them popular with fishkeepers. Clea stay partially hidden under the sediment, and if a snail slides past, then quickly (by snail standards) jump into action, chasing their prey and eventually subduing it. Only £1.50p each
  9. I Would be very reluctant to rehome to anyone who has just joined the forum to send you a message, you only get one chance at this so it has to be the right one, ask kate1984 on here how it can all end in tears
  10. ive tried ringing their numbers and none work, does anyone know if they are still open?, if not does anyone know of another good advice service? thanks
  11. Dont worry yourself about it just get on with your own life and supporting your own team. UTB
  12. our 6 year old amazed us last week she managed from parsley hay to sainsburys at ashbourne and then all the way back to alsop car park, me and my son left my little one and her mom there and rode the 7 mile back to parsley hay to fetch the car
  13. so we have done monsal, we have done tissington where else is fairly flat and a decent ride for a family? including a 6 year old have we exhausted all the easy ones? as we are looking to go out again tomorrow any ideas?
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