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Please, please protect your pet from Xylitol!

Project Eddy

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Please take a look at this Facebook page and protect your furry friend from something that you may unwittingly be bringing into your home which could prove fatal:


As a newbie, I can't yet post a link. Go to Facebook and search for Project Eddy. It should be the second one that comes up with a picture of a dog. (If anyone could post the link for me, I'd be much obliged.)


To protect our pets, it would be great if you could like this page and share it with others.



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Thanks for your help, Nikki. I hope that everyone will like/share the page in order to get this message out.


We are working on a website too.



I hope it helps spread the word, I myself had no idea it could be so dangerous.


Rip Eddy, run free x

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Thank you, nexusdee. It is scary, especially because few of us know about it. Please share the FB page with as many as you can manage. Working on a website and a campaign too.


I've shared on my Facebook & urged my friends to share too, please keep us updated if there is anything we can do to help to get some safety or warnings put in place

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Just what I wanted to hear, nexusdee! I think it's possibly you I've just replied to on the Project Eddy site because someone has just asked me the same question there.


If so, is it possible for you to copy and paste on here my replies to you, as I'm struggling at the moment with this stupid iPad!

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Yes it was me & here you go


---------- Post added 17-02-2013 at 00:54 ----------


[/color]As we've posted further down the site, we want info on products that contain xylitol without prominent warnings including the manufacturer/brand and preferably with a photo... see Smints post lower down for a good example. We'll compile a list and start contacting re their lack of proper warning. Retailers can also be contacted to display warnings on their shelves. Slimming organisations who promote xylitol to be contacted, dentists who hand out xylitol lollipops to children too. Even Members of Parliament. Even speaking to your local shop/supermarket to display warnings on the shelves could help. Any successes, we'll post here with free advertising... we've had two successes in less than 24 hours. A website will be started soon so that more info can be gathered (FB facilities are a bit limited). We have a ton of ideas, have only just started and are very determined, Dionne, but welcome all the help or ideas that we can get. SHARING this page is critical right now though. And thank you so much for asking x x

Health food shops tend to stock the powdered xylitol and may be sympathetic to the cause. Animal organisations of all types, including rescues/refuges, kennels etc could also be a source of help. Am I starting to sound like I'm ranting?

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