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Hello, I was wondering if there is any ripping software available which will actually rip to 2 different formats at the same time like one to MP3 and the other to lossless WAV file.


I am looking at a way to have files to use on my device yet have lossless files to play on the computer.


Is there such a thing available without having to rip the same CD twice.

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I have used it before but find it insanely difficult to configure plus you have to pay for it which is even more insane.


Are there any easy guides to getting the best out of it?


Is FLAC better than WAV now and what is the more universal lossless format that will work on anything?

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WAV isn't guaranteed to work on everything due to the fact it's a container and not a codec so it can contain lots of different types of audio, admittedly what most people call WAV is PCM audio in a WAV container.


FLAC is losslessly compressed, supports tagging, album art etc and other than car stereos, it's support is pretty damned good.


As I say, visit the link I posted as it's got some great guides in the wiki and lots of information in the forum.

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