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  1. You are a racist and a xenophobe. I hope one day you can overcome these problems and join the human race, but I somehow doubt it. The time of your thinking is OVER, your thinking is old fashioned and outdated. Go Majid, keep stirirng up these rotten old xenophobes/racists, keep being fresh and bold, inclusive and friendly!
  2. A bunch of litter gets left behind in a (very) public space and suddenly the papers/people are all over it. I wish everyone would open up their eyes, this is how it is ALL OVER Sheffield now. The mindset of the majority seems to be "chuck it on the floor, someone else will pick it up" I don't know what can be done to change this, I just keep picking up the litter as I see it, hopefully others see me doing this and will also pick up some litter as well and ease the load.
  3. I took part in the survey, if I remember correctly it was posted on the SCC Twitter feed. My views, in a nutshell, were to put up Council Tax if it was being used for the correct services. My biggest bugbear being recycling/litter etc, and then I read this and thought "great!"; And then snuck in at the end; Thanks SCC, now we don't have to worry about social care etc. because we will just drown in all the litter and tons of flytipped crap that is left around this city.
  4. Not surprised at all. Last year had an entire skip and it's contents left at the bottom of my road. Have you reported the trailer? http://www.fixmystreet.com
  5. All interesting, however that part isn't true; ABERDEEN UK INFRASTRUCTURE PARTNERS LP Company number LP015081 https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/LP015081/filing-history It just depends how far down the rabbit hole you want to go with this, there are all sorts of pension funds etc. balls deep here; Hampshire County Council BBC Pension Trust Ltd Kier Pension Scheme EU Investment Bank Lloyds Bank Infrastructure Partner and so on..
  6. I'm positive one just flew over now, S2. Couldn't see it but it sounded just like a Chinook. Article says they have returned to base, seems a bit odd.
  7. This seems dumb, a new furniture retailer next to Ikea? As for the old Betta Living shop, what makes anyone think they would do any better with kitchens, again next to Ikea who also sell kitchens? This is either made up, or the companies going in here will be gone within the year.
  8. Massive, massive waste of time, money and resources. One can but hope the whole pointless, soul destroying project is scrapped by a future government that has some sense.
  9. You know the landlord is not some scruffy geezer from t'pub, in a shady looking duffle coat, right? The landlord is ​​Legal & General Property, i'm pretty sure this multi-billion pound company will be able to hold it's ground, if you really are worried.
  10. <snip> I don't have anything to add, but I just wanted to say that this is the best post I have seen on SF in a long time. Well thought out, reasoned and gives the facts. Well done S8 Blade, you are a credit to this community.
  11. Yes, we had some lovely person dump their Mr Rubble skip on the road around the corner from us. What confused me is, if they had a skip lorry to move it, why dump it on the road?! Anyway, it was reported to the council and they had Fletchers come out and pick it up.
  12. Well, turns out i've been here longer than I realised; Join date: 09-12-2003 Not a regular poster, but SF helped me find my first flat when moving to Sheffield and it's been in my life ever since !
  13. I find the Sheffield CC reporting tool to be cumbersome at best. I use http://www.fixmystreet.com all the time, much better as you can just select on a map where the problem is.
  14. Bee's are not a safety hazard to children. Use this time to teach them about nature, how bee's are basically the key to all our food production and what the bee's are doing. This should be a learning experience, not a panic moment and a rabid killing frenzy.
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