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Hinde house school 90-96


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just wandered if anyone on here went to hinde house school between 90-96,and has any memories about it.


this was when it was still two seperate schools linked by the not so covered walk way.


i used to like nearby and went there,would love to catch up about it if anyone can remember,because the area has changed quite a bit since then lol


cheers simon:thumbsup:

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hi beth i probably should have left around same time, the only form tutor i can remember is mr carr who used to teach music.


don't know if that rings a bell if not can you remember any other teachers?

been looking online but have yet to find any info regarding these years.

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good god now i can remember those teachers,we had some weird ones and funny ones lol.:hihi:


i can remember having science in mr browns class in c block down the stairs i think it was, an mr firth did p,e i think? not sure though :huh:


would love to meet those teachers again lol

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ahh mr Terry and his fondness for sheep:hihi: remember miss Foster (PE) miss Lambert (MFL and low tops:love:) Mr Ramsden (mental art teacher) mrs Nisbit (science) just to name a few. oh and it was Dr Blenkinsop and yes he was mad- in a funny crazy scientist kind of way

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