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House break ins s12


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There has been a lot of robberys since xmas day, dont know officaly number but say around 40. I came home at 9.30 last night to a white van with Crime Scene Investigation written on the side and 2 other police cars parked outside my house. The 30 seconds it took me to get in the house were the longest of my life as my O/H was in with our 3 kids. Turns out the house across the road was broken into. This was silkstone cres at 8.30ish. A house 2 doors down from my friends on Carr forge was also broke into and a house on Rainbow at 7am this morning. I also know of 3 on smalldale, 2 on Dyke Vale Avenue, 1 on silkstone close, 1 just off Birley Spa Lane ( cant remember name of road) and a friend told me about her friend on Fox Lane whos neighbour was broken into and they killed her little Jack Russell dog. Ive lived on S12 all my life, on Frechville/Birley, lower Hackenthorpe and now the top end, but theres never been anything like this that I can remember.

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