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  1. you are joking police horses"" at night in an urban area i dont think so
  2. is there any truth that s12 is being targeted by sneek theifs
  3. only for the above though unless you know something different
  4. yeah think your wright the church will always be with us but for the things we always think of weddings funerals etc
  5. will the next generation attend church unless they have to ?
  6. well how did you get the job are you that special that nobody else can do it
  7. what about the people who have paid in and not drawn a pension are you now going to tell me its not that many ?
  8. is that cos they dont wanna be an outcast and part of the crowd
  9. cmon lets not disrespect young people like that today i think on the whole young people would like a job they would like to buy a house they would like 2 . 4 children but it aint going to happen
  10. well somebody showed you how to do that job so what makes you special you should be doing the same and learning your trade to the next generaition
  11. think thats got a lot of you clever people thinking about once again a sarcastic answer to this post the only answer is to lower the retirement age not increase it
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