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Lost Dog, Deepcar/Stocksbridge


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Missing today 23/12/12. from Broomfield Lane area Deepcar/Stocksbridge. Large Black and White Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Answers to Alfie. Wearing Black Stud Collar Has White chest, White Socks and White on top of head leading to nose. Hes a very friendly chap who loves to lick Humans. He has Epilepsy and needs his Tablets.

He's been Neutered. Please PM for any info. Many thanks.

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Thanks Smudge here is the Link to Dog Lost.


Ive reported it to the Sheffied Dog Warden Service who said they will pass the info on to the Council Pound Dept and if they get a match will ring me.

Have also put a poster in my Local Shop.


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Possible find at the Sheffield Kennels, it sounds promising. Going up after 3pm so he can be Micro Chipped.

Thanks to the lovely Lady Lou at Dog Lost for giving me the actual Kennels phone number.


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Alfie now home enjoying Christmas Eve.

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