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Does anybody remember Big Bri/Brian Woollen Burnaby Street


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Well Emma it would take a long time to give you all the info on your grandad, suffice to say that he was a top bloke. I will endeaver to recall one or two memories.

it must have been around 1968 when I first met him. Burnaby Street had a new football team and Brian being a bit fed up with Wednesday decide to try and help the team.

Very quickly he became the manager and gathered around him a good set of blokes to assist. In the first season we were around 3rd in the league and runners up in the cup.After relegation in the second season Brian brought in some quality players and the team went from strength to strength winning a few trophies along the way.


I loved going with him and his two main side kicks when they went to look at turns (artists) as he was also the concert sec for the club. His main men were Big Joe and Dave and they were all well respected on the club scene.

When discussing fees with artists he would often say that to pay them what they wanted he would have to sell the lounge clock. One of the misteries for me was how your grandmother ever put up with everything with such good grace.

As I said this is the tip of the story when I have more time I will try to write more.

Also thanks for asking about Brian its brought so many memories flooding back.

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