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  1. Look darlin' it's Johnny Ringo. Deadliest pistoleer since Wild Bill, they say. What do you think darlin' should I hate him? Tombstone
  2. You got me going there GUZZI, I miss read the thread as Eighty Up, my life passed before me. Anyway Many Happy Returns Joto before we get any older. Could I dedicate the nice little Perry Como song I was playing when I started reading the thread to you on your birthday, MI CASA, SU CASA (MY HOUSE IS YOUR HOUSE) Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
  3. Ready for this? Faranzano brought in Mad Dog Coll to ice you. Mobsters
  4. Pretty Boy Floyd, you are under arrest. Public Enemies
  5. Dearest if you can't express yourself in more eloquent terms, kindly shut your cakehole. Carry On ... Up The Khyber
  6. You little liar! You little liar! I took thi t' Speedway t' see American All Stars and tha ran off with their star leg trailer "Sprouts" Clooney. Thi mate Denlin said tha'd only gone to have a twist of "Sprouts's" throttle and tha wern't seen ageean for six months. Leavin' me broken hearted, I've not touched Dapper Dan Hair Products since. And as for her calling me a cad and a bounder I'll be seeing her later.
  7. I would rather die a thousand deaths than see my mothers dress on that spoiled selfish cow! Ever After:A Cinderella Story
  8. That's quite a nice little nothing you're almost wearing. I approve. Diamonds Are Forever
  9. And there's me trying to get thee onto a snake.
  10. Might I ask who I are addressing? Little Big Man
  11. Do you know, I can't remember having a music exam. All I remember is standing at the back of the class with a pointie hat on, belting a triangle every now and again. And the lass at the back of the girls class showing me her tambourine. Remember Pattricia.
  12. A knockout like you? What's your name? Grease
  13. Hello baby. What you gonna have? The Public Enemy ............ 1931
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