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  1. The guy with the limp was called Burkinshaw and he helped to form the football team and I think was the manager in the early days around 1967/8
  2. Hi martin I have memories of the Harold Wright name as I was a member late 60s and early 70s.
  3. I went to the Pheonix every staurday night second house. My favourite was going to the park cinema and getting a pie from the little shop on Middlewood road. Had to eat it before the tram came or you wouldnt be allowed on
  4. Thanks a bunch people i did have some of that information but some I didnt. My problem is that in the 1856 trade directory John Drew is listed as having a business as an Edge Tool maker at number 6 Wicker Lane and yet he still seems to reside in Birmingham. This is the puzzle I have any idea of how to solve it.
  5. I can only trac my family in Sheffield from app 1885 having moved from Birmingham. Yet I have discovered through pic Sheffield a business in 1856 which appears to belong to my ancestry John Drew as a edge tool maker at 6 Wicker Lane. Does any clever person know how I can confirm him as a family member
  6. As a kid we would have our guy fawkes on the main road as we were collecting money for fireworks. For some reason one day our guy wasnt available. So we persuaded one of the lads,( Vic Waistnedge) to stuff straw up his toruser legs and coat sleeves for effect. We stuck a mask on him and sat him outside a shop on Langsett road. All went well untill a copper walked around the corner we legged it and as the copper took to kick poor old Vic he jumped up and sprinted down banforh Street .The look on the coppers face must have been a treat, (we wernt waiting to see)
  7. The flat was actualy above the wide passage next to the shop. We lived two doors down name of Drew ---------- Post added 22-10-2018 at 16:08 ---------- The shop was owned by a Mr Stones but he sold it on to Lily Bower it was app 4 houses away from Burnaby Street ---------- Post added 24-10-2018 at 09:49 ---------- What years were you in the flat
  8. Stan Wainright cant remember the name of the instructor but I believe they were the only school to use volkswagen beatles as their lesson cars I passed from Dodd St 1968/69
  9. The building was split into three areas. The area nearest the bottm of the road was for elderly men. The top area of the building was for the elderly women and in the middle was the convent. In effect it was an old peoples home. The sisters cared for the reidents and they were well looked after from what I saw. The sisieter used to get funds by having a flag day once a year in town. They would sell small paper lapel badges which had the picture of a horse drawn carriage on them. The only down side i observed was the fact that the building always smelled of boiled cabbage.
  10. As a 16year old apprentice plumber I worked for Thomas Wilkinson. We did a big renovation job at St Elizabeths (known as the little sisters of the poor) I almost burned the place down when the safety valve on my petrol blowlamp sent a stream of petrol around the room and set on fire. happy Days.
  11. Played my first game for Hillsborough Boys Club on this ground versus English steel under 18s. Great ground and for me a majic moment.
  12. Burnaby Street was ourstarting point queing around the inside of the club trying to get the first coach. Always SUT then try to get the driver to overtake any otheres to be first back. What great days they were.
  13. Our trip was a once a year event when all the residents of our street went on the trip for the day. Law brothers coaches and off we all went it was the high light of the year. for many of us this was our annual holiday except maybe for the club trip from the local WMC. Strangely everyone returned to undisturbed houses I wonder if this would happen today.
  14. A bomb dropped on the Tabernacle church on Proctor Place and totaly destroyed it along with some houses in Hawkesly Avenue. The Don bakery suffered some damage too.
  15. My grandmother was Eliza Eccles and although they lived in Lock St which isnt too far from Cuthbert bank I havent seen any attachement to your family tree. Her father was William and her mother Savinah.
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