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First UK - Bus Division - a 10th up for sale

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Guest busdriver1
hi all i heard that first eastern counties is going to be axed as one of the 10th as its out on a limb and that go ahead are moving in:hihi:


Another unsubstantiated rumour, Just what we need.

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Or maybe the Local Authorities might buy it.

Why doesnt the council buy it and run a public service.

Would these be the same local authorities that are currently making cutbacks due to budget shortages?


Sheffield Council budget cuts lead to closure of care homes

Sheffield council votes to support proposals to scrap weekly bin collections (to save money)


Union fears for 1,200 jobs at Sheffield City Council


Rotherham council cuts another 200 jobs


"there's no money left"

(note left by Labour chief secretary to the Treasury, Liam Byrne to his successor in 2010).


Would it help to get the message across if I arranged the letters in a different order?


Left money no is there.

Is money left there no.

No is there left money.


The old South Yorkshire council (which used to run and fund SYT) is long gone, as is its budget from the government.

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