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Koi carp free - sale


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i have several koi carp for sale still.


ghost koi, chagoi, doitsu. approx 7-14"


black,orange,silver,metalic orange,pewter(very rare) oh and one xxxl lemon goldfish.


reluctantly need rehoming asap as my pond is over crowded. couple are free the others i only want £10 each as they are worth £50+ from koi dealers.


i have one large ghoist koi, big fat girl stunning £20.


will not find koi any cheaper. will only get free koi if you buy a couple of others. open to offers for the lot. absoloute baragin but forced to thin pond out hence sale.

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Yep thanks tony. Provisionally sold. Do not live on forum and don't have time to check posts only pm that come through via email. I will obviously have to be more specific next time ferretfatcam so u don't feel it necessary to post more rude comments lol!

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