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  1. hi im hoping someone out there can help me once again im trying to help a friend trace this lady who may be a relative the only things we know at the moment are that her father was called bruce her birthday is around the 15th of june 1953 and she was living in the hellaby area of rotherham when she was young hope someone can give us a helping hand thanks in advance if you can
  2. hi it is at the top of midhurst rd foxhill i think its midhurst farm but not sure about that
  3. are theses still available thanks roger
  4. hi could you let me know where you are and when it would be possible to view and hopefully purchase some of these from you thanks roger
  5. NON ENFORCABLE IN ANY COURT OF LAW as usual they send parking noticec then warnings of enforcement eg court then give up just ignore all letters there have been many posts on here regarding both them and other such parking companies
  6. bill beavers motorcycles deep lane shiregreen sheffield tel 07740 410717
  7. a film i remember was called brother of the wind i have tried to find a copy even been to smiths who checked their film register book they informed me there was no such film however i have managed to find a copy of the original film poster from america 1972( i saw it in england ) if anyone could help me obtain a copy i would be most greatful
  8. ill give them a try tomorrow and ill let you know how i get on :-)
  9. ive got a estate car so it shouldnt be a problem how much did you pay for them
  10. thanks pigster you wouldnt happen to know how much they are would you
  11. do you know how big the bales are by any chance
  12. cheers ill give them a try but any more sugesstions would be great in case they dont sell them
  13. ok this my sound like a daft question but does anyone out there know any wood yards i can buy shavings from as the one i did use has now shut down
  14. please this could be really important if you do have any info please get in touch
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