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  1. Reason for Rehome / Sale WORKING FULL TIME Time Scale – How Urgent? ASAP Sale Amount £300 Has the Dog been in Rescue NO Location SHEFFIELD Age & Sex FEMALE 8 MONTHS Breed/ Mix CHIHAHUA X KC Registered NO Approximate size SMALLER THAN A CAT Exercise Needed 1 WALK DAILY Neutered & Micro chipped NO Vaccinated & Wormed YES Live in / out IN ONLY Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals YES- CATS & RABBITS Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - NO Temperament -AMAZING Good or Bad with Children - AMAZING Dislike of Men or Women - NO OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals - SCARED OF BIG DOGS Travel OK in Car - PERFECT Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time - 4 HOURS Destructive Behaviour -NO Barks - IF SOMEONE COMES TO DOOR Pull on the lead - NO Crate trained - YES Housetrained - YES General Information you can share about the Dog. Beautiful Chihuahua x Female. apporox 8 moths old. has had all her injections and has been wormed and flead up to date. health 100% sound. Rosie is a perefect little dog, she loves children and if very protective an loyal to the family. She has lived with cats and rabbits and is fantastic a well behaved round all of them. She acctually wonders if she is a cat as she likes to play with them. rosie sleep in a cage at night and slleps from approx 10pm - 8am in the morning. She is house trained and walks well on the lead. the only reason we are selling our loved little girl is that i have taken on full time work and now she if unfortunatley left for up to 8 hours a day on her own which is very unfair on her. Rosie is very socialbe and loves to be around people hand have lots of cuddles and attention. Rosie will come with her brand new to quality extending lead, food bowls, several tins of dog food, jumpers, toys, cage, collar and bedding. all top quality stuff. She if also fully vaccinated. i would love rosie to go to a family home for the sole purpose of being a pet dog and not a breeding dog etc. i would like her to be homes with someone who is in most of the time and has slightly older children maybe not toddlers due to her tiny size although she is as sof as a brush with children of all ages. please call or email to view her or for more details 07564366019
  2. Species of animal to be rehomed RABBITS Rehome or Sale? DIVORCE - HAVING TO MOVE HOUSE AND CANNOT TAKE THEN WITH ME Reason for Rehome / Sale SALE Sale Amount £150 ONO Location SHEFFIELD Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? NO Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? NO Age & Sex - 2 YRS MALE & FEMALE/ BROTHER AND SISTER Breed/ Mix - MINI LOPS Colour/coat type SHORT - PURE WHITE AND BLACK AND WHITE Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? - YES Live in / out - OUT Neutered/spayed - YES MALE IS Chipped - NO Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - NO Temperament - GENTLE Vaccinated & Wormed - YES Any special knowledge needed General InformatioXXXL rabbit Hutch PAID £299.00 ALSO apex rabbit run. Paid £49.00 water bottles x 3 rabbit bowls x 2. sawdust & food. the hutch has been modified for better cleaning and rabbit safety as it has been raised up on a plinth with metal (unrottable) legs. this means its easier to clean under, will not rot and rabbits cannot dig out or foxes dig in. the rabbits are 2 blue eyed mini lops. Brother & Sister. Belle & Bramble. Belle is 1 yr old and is pure white with blue eyes. Branble is black & white with blue eyes and neutered. The rabbits cost £45 each from a specialist breeder and then it cost £40 to have the male neutered. These are absolutely lovely bunnies, so soft and placid and funny to watch together. The female certainly has the male under her thumb and demands lots of cuddles and licks from him. They are great with kids and all other animal. They have lived with a cat and a dog and they can all be in the garden together and none of the bat an eyelid. They all just sniff each other and carry on there business. They have never bitten and even my 4 yr old can hold, feed and stroke them and thy have not and would not ever bite. The male (bramble) is particularly placid as he has been neutered. I have lots of photos of this beautiful loving pair so please send me a message if you want more pics. Please also give me an idea of the home they would be going to as will only sell to the correct home. Must also say in the hutch they are in as it's amazing for them and they ate very happy in it. Hope someone can give them lots more love and cuddles than I can at the moment and provide a safe, happy forever home CAN TXT PICS IF NEEDED.
  3. Hi, would like my chihuahua puppy clipped. Could any advise where is best to go or if there are any mobile services in ecclesfield or surrounding areas. Also..... Can you groom cats? Thank you
  4. Hi have philistine collecting tomorrow at 6pm, if he cannot collect or dosent take all the bags I will pm you and anyone else interested. Also have some carpet and a bird table that may be of use to someone on there allotment? All free for collection.
  5. Topsoil all bagged in rubble sacks. Not needed from garden project . Free to collect or may deliver locally for fuel.
  6. I have one you can have free. In fairly good condition. I have a cat so no birds visit or have survived my garden in 3 Years! Is cruel having it really. It's free if you want to collect from ecclesfield.
  7. Thank you all so much for your suggestions, will give them a go. Just hoping something helps or at least takes the edge of the pain and makes its more manageable. Really appreciate your replies.
  8. Omg, that makes me feel sick. Just bough a beautiful chihahua x pup off gumtree. She's still a baby and full of mischief and having lots of accidents but I could never contemplate violence against her or any animal. Why get a dog to kill it! It's all so senseless! Poor little dog rip!
  9. Hi, Myself and my mum both suffer from hyper mobility in our joints. I'm am currently recovering from SLAP tear repair (shoulder surgery so torn bicep and cartilidge) and my mum has a frozen shoulder. Hers is sooo bad she cannot lift her arm and has had to give up work as a hairdresser. After doing lots of research on what may help recover and alleviate pain we have decided a deep muscle massage and tigger point massage may be worth a go? If anyone has any recommendations we would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, very interested in you chipping my pup. Please let me know next fri your available. Thank you
  11. Bloke, seems very happy with fish.
  12. Fish all sold. Thank tony your mate is a top bl
  13. Yep thanks tony. Provisionally sold. Do not live on forum and don't have time to check posts only pm that come through via email. I will obviously have to be more specific next time ferretfatcam so u don't feel it necessary to post more rude comments lol!
  14. i have several koi carp for sale still. ghost koi, chagoi, doitsu. approx 7-14" black,orange,silver,metalic orange,pewter(very rare) oh and one xxxl lemon goldfish. reluctantly need rehoming asap as my pond is over crowded. couple are free the others i only want £10 each as they are worth £50+ from koi dealers. i have one large ghoist koi, big fat girl stunning £20. will not find koi any cheaper. will only get free koi if you buy a couple of others. open to offers for the lot. absoloute baragin but forced to thin pond out hence sale.
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