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What's wrong with my netbook?


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Your post is not very clear. Are you saying the screen is blank or has rubbish on it? Does it light up when you turn it on? is there a very feint image?



Does it have an external monitor connection so you can see if it works on an external monitor?


Do the lights come on and off when you press the caps and num lock keys? If it has no lights, do you have a USB keybpard you can plug in and see if it is responding?


Where abouts are you?

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Sounds like the screen is dead, have you dropped it or knocked it at all? Screens can be cheap replacements but I couldn't say for sure if it is the screen without testing with an external monitor (if it has a connection for one)


It may even be that the ribbon cable inside has worked its self loose.


Where abouts are you? Someone local to you might be able to take a look at it for you?

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What about the other questions?


It could just be a dead screen, or it could be dead. If the keyboard lights go on and off then it indicates that it is functioning. Does it sound like it is loading windows? The hard drive might be quiet but you can usually hear it when it's doing stuff.

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