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  1. My mum is a nurse on chesterman and my dad has also been a patient there.
  2. Don't bother!! Apple won't do owt. N don't go to a shop n have it jail broken because it doesn't last. My dad tried it n after probably less than a week it went bk to how it was. No one will guarantee it will work and if they do they r lying.
  3. Hi I'm looking to getting back into work as my you gets starts school this September. I actually have an interview next week. The job I'm going for means that I Wud have to work some 5-10pm shifts through the week and maybe Saturday. I'm in s13 woodhouse and would need some one who could baby sit when needed. I have family thatcod help but due to their work ommitments I'm likely to need the services of someone else. Also someone who does. Of charge a for tune as I'm a single parent and will be earning around min wage.
  4. Hi. Don't know if I'm in the right Place but seen as I'm doing this on my fone I couldn't find a dedicated group. We have a Saab 9 3. Today the aircondition fans can on by them selfs and started blowing uncontrollably. We couldn't get them to stop even when the key was taken out. This inevetably caused the battery to drain and needed a jump start. Anybody got any ideas what is causing this and what the resolution may be. Any suggestions would be greatfully Recieved. Thanks:confused:
  5. I got a txt the other day saying they were doin work in my area which is s13 maybe it's to do with that
  6. Tried the movin the screen thing now it's just really bright white!!!!!
  7. Anyone know anywhere in s13 woodhouse handsworth area to take it that won't rip me off
  8. Ye it sounds like its trying to load up n feels like it cos it's always a very quiet machine. N yes when I press caps lock the light comes on
  9. No it hasnt Been knocked or anything and i don't know if it has one of those connections n Im in woodhouse
  10. I turn it on and the screen is completley blank but lit up. There is nothing at all on it.
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