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Recruitment Consultant Negotiation

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One of the questions I came across in a recent telephone interview was:


"If the client doesn't want to pay the 25% that you are charging and only wants to pay 15% - how would you negotiate this? "


The companies I am applying for are the best in the business which is why they charge such a high rate.


Can anyone help me with this answer?


I did say that we are charging a high rate because our service is the best and we can provide you with the best candidates, however if you are not wanting to pay the full rate Im sure we can come to some deal as we value your business.


Has anyone got any other tactics to use?



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negotiate a more lucrative deal for you both - ie get them to spend more (ie put more business your way) to get more % off.


yep, id agree with this.

i used to work for a massive nursing agency (whose commission rate was 30% - prob one the reasons the nhs has no money!!!!) and we would negotiate a lower rate on a time scale, ie you bring us 1000 hours of business in a 28 day period and we will implement a reduced rate per extra 100 hours over the 1000 with a view to reducing further if targets are met. obviously you wouldnt dive straight in with that, but it would be appropriate to say that as you value them as a customer you would certainly refer thier query to someone senior and get back to them within so many hours ...

you also need to push the fact that for the rate you would currently charge, the customer would get 100% customer service that was proven on track record.


good luck ... i admire you greatly for the job you wish to do; as a nurse i found the ''corporate line'' far to impossible to toe and so only lasted 3 years in the business :hihi:

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