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Dishwasher location

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HI,firstly sorry if this is in the wrong place but im wanting a dishwasher!!! but i dont have room immediatley next to the water supply/plumbing,how far away could it actually be,im thinking i could fit it in about 1m away,would this work or does it depend on other things???

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I carry out handyman work for people and have fitted a number of dishwashers in the past, though have retired from plumbing work now


The cold water supply isn't a problem in terms of distance as its at mains pressure


The drainage also shouldn't be a problem - this is a Miele instruction manual http://www.miele.co.uk/products/manuals/dishwashers/G600_G800Install45cmfullyint.pdf

page 23 says it is supplied with a flexible drain hose of approx 1.5 metres but can be extended up to 4 metres and the drain pump has a maximum delivery head of 1 metre


So the other consideration is the opening of the door to fill and empty it – so it doesn't catch on other fittings and isn't a trip hazard across a doorway

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