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  1. I've not heard this but it certainly doesn't apply to Adsa. I wish it did as I can't get to shops. Just had my very small grocery order delivered. At least half of what I wanted was unavailable.
  2. In 50-odd years of buying insurance policies, I don't recall ever coming across the phrase.
  3. This link may help you to go about finding someone. https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/double-glazing/article/how-to-buy-double-glazing/your-rights-when-buying-double-glazing You will need to scroll down till you get to the section headed: How to resolve problems with a double glazing company
  4. Probably a typographical error. For "refectory" try reading "rectory".
  5. I have used my pass a few times last year on the tram early in the morning. No problem - just showed my appointment letter from the hospital.
  6. John Lewis have some on display though Ikea have more.
  7. You could also use the barrier car park to drop off patients. There is no charge for the first 30 minutes of parking. However, I realise you are probably just wanting to save time; i.e. the hassle of having to mess around with the ticket machine and barriers.
  8. Rotherham District General Hospital, surgery arranged by phone in December, confirmation letter arrived a week after surgery. The letter may not have cost that much to produce and post but why waste time/money?
  9. Better still, drop British Gas and get a service contract with a local company. I did this about 20 years ago and I'm still with the same company. Better service and cheaper. Incidentally "Which?" say that the majority of people will save money not having a contract at all and just paying for any breakdowns and an annual service.
  10. My rather unsophisticated favourites: http://www.cluelesscrosswords.com/play.php/http:// www.onlinegames.com/basketball
  11. The assessment is only intended to check whether or not you are fit enough to undergo the surgery and there are usually checks to make sure you will not transfer infection to the hospital.
  12. Thanks for the information, busdriver1. I would not wish to cause problems for transport employees. I suppose he should have charged me the fare to White Lane where I should have got off the tram and back on, continuing to town using my bus pass. Note to self: must remember if there is a next time.
  13. Travelling to Sheffield from Halfway on the tram, I got on at about 9.15 am. The conductor looked up where the tram would be on the route by 9.30 according to the timetable and charged me for that part of the journey only, i.e. £1.60 to White Lane.
  14. Outside Sheffield, but there's Dobbies at Barlborough, not far from J30 of the M1.
  15. Rendezvous was there in the 1940s, as was Greenstreets Chemist and Credlands Garage. On the same side of the road to the right of the chemist I remember a fruit and vegetable shop, then a grocery shop and an insurance office and lastly, a bank (Trustee Savings?). Beyond the bank was St Patrick's School and then St Patrick's Church.
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