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Darnall baptist scouts

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does anyone have any info on the 258th darnall baptist scouts in the 1960 s 1970s those who ran it members etc any information would be appreciated


I used to help with the cubs for a short while (I was known as Kim). The Scout hut was at the side of the church, at the bottom of Eleanor Street. I've forgotten the name of the Akela but do remember she was a very nice lady. I think she lived on either Balfour Road or Basford Street. The scout leaders were Michael and Philip Holmes. Their father, Frank Holmes, was the GSL and was also a county official. His wife was high up in the Girl Guides. They lived at Firth Park. I've racked my brains but can't remember the names of any of the members (I was only there for a few months).

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I went to the cubs there in the mid 60s i was probably about 10 years old I seem to remember AKELA was a nice lady called Valerie Hendderson though like i say was very young,


I also seem to remember a pretty blonde girl who was bageera ??

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