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  1. its called freedom of choice tbanks for your underwhelming reply.
  2. I have been unable to sign in to my subscription over the last few days has anyone sufferred the same problem ?
  3. Just hope Mr Chansiri learns a lesson and begins to listen to people with English football knowledge ( though probably doubtful ) my opinion is his first phonecall should be to Chris Turner to get himself a CEO he knows the business and more importantly understands the club and fans. then strip the business back and work from there.
  4. Whitby road infants Miss Mustell whitby road juniors Mr Garner Mr Saxon headteacher Hartley Brook High Mr W Webster Mr HDW Mathews Firth Park Comp Brushes The legendary TFJ (Spike) Mrs Carr ruled with a rod of iron Mr W Webster ( firm but fair) P J Hopper . Stunning looking teacher Rosie Underwood/ Murphy Jumped up pillock award D Bonnett.
  5. Just come across this thread. I lived at number 68 Helen Road from about 1960 - 68. Remember Ted Firths Shop on one corner and Mr Hollands on the other corner. Used to get my hair cut at R on Garlicks and remember a fishing tackle shop on Greenland Road Joe Taylor In our yard I remember the Robinsons Browns Swifts and Mrs Nixon down the bottom , Over the wall on Greenland Road was the Pratt Family Richard (who wanted to play for Chelsea) Wendy ( Very Pretty Girl ) and Roy who was very sadly killed in an acciddent with a car. O ver on the army camp was the Howard Family Peter and he had about 3 sisters they moved up to Parson Cross when we moved to Shiregreen Remember the play gound and good chippie on Surrey Road. Other names I remember were the Hargreaves Family Mick Brown Mick Skelton Eddie and Jackie Grimes. Also a misfit kind of guy Mick Omalley ? on our road who set his house on fire
  6. Thank you for info. Just found it strange there has been no communication from Sanctuary on the change.
  7. As anyone receieved a water bill from Yorkshire Water whilst still being a tennant of Sanctuary Housng. I am aware of there being discussions on changing but have heard nothing from Sanctuary on thw subject and then a water appeared from YW. i have had no communication from Sanctuary in terms of this or reduced weekly rent payments etc . Is it a scam or have Sanctuary been a bit slow in communicating ?
  8. No he be in the Chickens preparing to Jaihouse Rock
  9. I voted to come out of europe as did the majority of her constituents and as such expect my MP to reflect the wishes of her constituents (the people who voted for her). Its a bit difficult to reflect other wise on her efforts as an MP as Brexit seems to be the be all and end all at present. But if she is not representing the votes of her constituents she voted wice against Brexit the other evening. on the main topic at present how can she be trusted to vote to help her constituents in the future. She maybe the nicest most hard working lady on the planet but if she doesnt represent the views of the majority of her constituents on the biggest issue for generations then in my opinion she is not doing doing her job correcctly but in it for herself . Though saying that she is not the only on.
  10. At least you know what the BNP (however wrong) stand for. She is on tthe gravy train now so she does what she wants the people who voted for her are possibly the last thing on her mind .
  11. Given she has voted against Brexit in every vote so far against the will of her constituents should she be removed from her seat ? Certainly whilst she is my labour candidate mine will be one voe labour will not be getting.
  12. I have been going to Scotts since 1969 when they were situated further down the Wicker quite close to the old Brown Cow. My first cut was done by Mr Scott (Micks Dad) the shop was packed and three chairs working continously. Then Mick took over a perfect gent (for a blade) Have carried on going until Bob Retired I know he has been struggling for a few years prices going up and unable to keep staff lower footfall in the area and as he said on my last visit the council will get round to re energising the area eventually but it will be another 10 years at least and thats too long. Another Sheffield Institution gone. Thanks for the chats Bob Up The Owls.
  13. David Moyes for me. did good job for everton hence the chosen one by sir alex. played a good brand of football believed in giving youth a chance and bought sold wisely. question is can the clocck be turned back. given fair time and support of D C he could build a dynasty at s6 . in days of profit and sustainability its the way forward in my opinion.
  14. agree completely bbc too politically correct every base covered. Thing is we help pay for the dribble dished out instead of giving the listeners what they reallly want , The world is not in a good place
  15. I Kind of given up now on Radio Sheffield now other than an occasional listen to Sarah Major on Sunday Morning and the excellent teve White Saturday Morning Show.. If you think Clueless is bad I have just come across this new show on Saturday morning Nowt as queer as folk got to say this is the worse show I have heard in a long while its dire. Back to Radio 2 though got to say thats going the same way .
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