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  1. Why as this issue still not been resolved ? If SCC cant resolve this what does it say for Sheffield moving forward. Complete Joke and meanwhile the people of Sheffield pay the price. Perhaps Mr Fox and his cohorts should be the ones to resign.
  2. Me too she helped make Sheffield worse than it was and it was probably worth the party to get rid of her but i bet some of the get offended brigade of councillors were at the party if it did take place.
  3. What i cant understand is there is nothing else wrong in Sheffield for us to worry about. All the streets are swept and well mantained the city centre is thriving with easy access for all. Buses take us to where we want to go and on time. We can go to the city hall and see what we want without censorship and without some guy in a suit telling us whats good for us I could go on. But instead the council because. It has everything in such good order has time and the spare cash to set up a committee to discuss wether to get rid of someone who has probably more ears in Whitehall to push for Sheffield since we had Bob Kerslake because she attended her own leaving party. You couldnt make it up. Wonder if Julie Dore had a leaving celebration.
  4. and there lies the problem I really feel sorry for the police. The youths have been arrested and out on bail but there is no deterrent. No willingness it seems from local or national politicians to back the police with real sentencing. I read the other day a group of contractors did not follow Covid guidelines in the Isle of Man no messing about they got 14 days in prison . The police must be fed up underresourced and unsupported come on people wake up .
  5. The locals are quite rightly concerned but theres silence from above there are laws and guidelines in place but no one seems to want to enforce them and the local politicians are not or dont seem to be interested or certainly there lack of communication suggest that. The last time there was a serious politician in the area he predicted Page Hall and surrounding districts were a tinderbox waiting to explode David Blunkett you was right.
  6. was on a stagecoach bus yesterday that had eggs thrown at it during the middle of the day. think its time the gloves came off and the police clampdown on the area hard. i was on a bus last week and a group of 20 older schoolchildren caught the bus in town and the majority made no attempt to wear a mask there seems to be a belief that they are untouchable both from the virus and the police. its about time they were shown they are not .
  7. Agree totally with Gerry Kersey. one positive got rid of Rony and a big negative still stuck with Paulette Edwards theres got to be better out there.
  8. its called freedom of choice tbanks for your underwhelming reply.
  9. I have been unable to sign in to my subscription over the last few days has anyone sufferred the same problem ?
  10. Just hope Mr Chansiri learns a lesson and begins to listen to people with English football knowledge ( though probably doubtful ) my opinion is his first phonecall should be to Chris Turner to get himself a CEO he knows the business and more importantly understands the club and fans. then strip the business back and work from there.
  11. Whitby road infants Miss Mustell whitby road juniors Mr Garner Mr Saxon headteacher Hartley Brook High Mr W Webster Mr HDW Mathews Firth Park Comp Brushes The legendary TFJ (Spike) Mrs Carr ruled with a rod of iron Mr W Webster ( firm but fair) P J Hopper . Stunning looking teacher Rosie Underwood/ Murphy Jumped up pillock award D Bonnett.
  12. Just come across this thread. I lived at number 68 Helen Road from about 1960 - 68. Remember Ted Firths Shop on one corner and Mr Hollands on the other corner. Used to get my hair cut at R on Garlicks and remember a fishing tackle shop on Greenland Road Joe Taylor In our yard I remember the Robinsons Browns Swifts and Mrs Nixon down the bottom , Over the wall on Greenland Road was the Pratt Family Richard (who wanted to play for Chelsea) Wendy ( Very Pretty Girl ) and Roy who was very sadly killed in an acciddent with a car. O ver on the army camp was the Howard Family Peter and he had about 3 sisters they moved up to Parson Cross when we moved to Shiregreen Remember the play gound and good chippie on Surrey Road. Other names I remember were the Hargreaves Family Mick Brown Mick Skelton Eddie and Jackie Grimes. Also a misfit kind of guy Mick Omalley ? on our road who set his house on fire
  13. Thank you for info. Just found it strange there has been no communication from Sanctuary on the change.
  14. As anyone receieved a water bill from Yorkshire Water whilst still being a tennant of Sanctuary Housng. I am aware of there being discussions on changing but have heard nothing from Sanctuary on thw subject and then a water appeared from YW. i have had no communication from Sanctuary in terms of this or reduced weekly rent payments etc . Is it a scam or have Sanctuary been a bit slow in communicating ?
  15. No he be in the Chickens preparing to Jaihouse Rock
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