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Grooming rough coat st


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What are you wanting to achive?


To keep matts at bay you need a slicker brush. To remove dead hair there are quite a few tools to choose from. You could use a coat king which you can use on a dirty coat. Or there are furminators and moult masters to use to remove dead hair but need to be used on a clean coat to get the best results and dont really work if the coat hasn't been brushed really well first. You can get curry combs and zoom grooms which are very good for removing dead hair too.


You definitely need a slicker brush to keep the dead coat from matting into the top coat. They do remove some of the dead coat but you will be able to keep going forever.

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I would definitely recommend a mikki moult master. mikki also do ball pin slickers which are more gentle on the skin which may help. or she is possibly just trying it on :hihi:


if you buy a moult master, get one off ebay as they are often on there for abot £6 rather than £20 from the shops.

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A professional groom would definitely help. I use a hydrobath which fully penetrates the coat down to the skin and a blaster would loosen all of the dead coat which I can then easily remove for you. It makes it much easier for you to keep on top of afterwards.



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