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The Fox public house

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This week in 'The Star' there was a picture of 'The Fox' public house on Shirland Lane in Attercliffe. I think that in the 1940's or 1950's my paternal grandfather was the landlord there as I can remember family members mentioning the pub's name........Is there any way which I can find out for sure and also how long he stayed there. His name was J.H.Coe.....

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Hi 2ndhandrose - I have the Kelly's directories for 1925, 1942 and 1954. The licensee of the Fox House Hotel in Shirland Lane was "Ernest Barnett Stanley" in 1925 and 1942, and "E. Goldsborough" in 1954. Other directories are available at the Local Studies Library in Surrey Street.

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Found this if any help ....


Fox House Hotel

11 Shirland Lane, 1 Ardmore Street, S9

Open 1870

Closed late 1990's


1889 John Webster

1910 Mrs Mary A Stocks

1911 Mrs Mary A. Stocks

1912 Mrs Mary A Stocks

1813 Mrs Mary A Stocks

1916 Leonard Gingell

1917 Leonard Gingell

1919 to 1922 Leonard Gingell

1923 to 1925 Ernest Barnett Stanley

1929 Ernest Barnett Stanley

1931 to 1933 Ernest Barnett Stanley

1936 to 1939 Ernest Barnett Stanley

1942 Ernest Barnett Stanley

1944 Ernest Barnett Stanley

1948 John Dore

1951 Jn Dore

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Hi......thank you both for the information. Will have to check with family members re. the exact dates my grandfather was in the pub and go from there. Will also visit the library as suggested to try and get to the bottom of my query......As usual Sheffield Forummers have come up 'trumps'. Thanks again....

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