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  1. Since updating my iPad to IOS 8 I no longer can add pictures to my For Sale ads on Sheffield Forum...... When I try to 'click' the option to either Take photo or Use existing photo......nothing happens and I am in danger of putting my finger thro the screen to try and get it to work I am very inexperienced where computers and anything technical is concerned but have been happily able to sell my unwanted goods with photos for a good while ...but now I cannot. Does anyone know where I am going wrong please?
  2. Not sure just how much walking you are able to do....but a great way of meeting people and having gentle exercise is the Health walks run by the Council in different areas on different days. Handsworth is Tuesday afternoon and there is one in Woodhouse but not sure which day. No way is it strenuous walking and you don't realise once you are talking with others and then there is usually tea & biscuits to finish on.Both men & women attend. A great social event.....Check the Council web page for exact details.....Hope that this helps too
  3. Hi Sheila is my Mum.........I have messaged you with my contact details. Speak soon
  4. Me too.....I managed to set the whole of Miss Mustell's class crying when I started blubbering on my first day....this would have been in 1965. Also in Miss Pennington's class.....
  5. Wondered why it was called the Army camp.....I played there in the late 60's. My house was on Industry Road but the end of our garden was on Ellen Road which ran along the side of the spare ground. So it was easy for me to get there as I could just jump over the wall at the end of our garden. Played mainly on the playground at one edge of the spare ground on Surrey Road but remember a couple of derelict (newish) houses on the spare ground which we used to creep into....that is until one day we went up the stairs into one of the bedrooms and was startled by a tramp who had 'kipped' down for the previous night. I think that I managed to clear all the stairs in one go and jumped over the playground railings in a way to make any Olympic hurdler proud!
  6. zebbedee.....unable to send you my address as your message in-box is full. Please empty and re contact me ..........Thanks
  7. I live in Handsworth and have done so for the past 42 years.....the last 24 in our present home. It isn't areas which are good or bad but people and they can live anywhere.......On the plus side for Handsworth I AGREE that there is a good community spirit and the Handsworth Forum arranges days out, social evenings etc. for all in Handsworth who wish to attend. Handsworth is rather like a large village where so many people know each other and speak to each other. The Forum also arrange courses for learning ie. computers, digital photography, Family History. Something for everyone....... On the DOWN side the traffic along the main road can be busy at rush hour and unfortunately the ASDA and the soon to be built ALDI only add to the problem. I live on one of the estates previously mentioned and away from the main road all is quiet for most of the day. My husband had never lived on this side of town before and he didn't even know where Handsworth was until we moved 24 years ago but still maintains that it was the best move we ever made!
  8. I wasn't able to pull over when I drove past the first time. On my return the poor cat had gone but I don't know by whom. I know what it is like to have a cat and keep calling for him to come home but to no avail. It is a horrible situation....So I decided to report what I saw on here to forewarn the owner that his/her cat may not be coming home.......
  9. This morning I was driving towards Richmond over the bridge over the Mosborough parkway when I saw a seriously injured cat. It was a pale colour and unfortunately looked in a bad way......On my return journey I noticed that it had moved. Just wanted to let all the kind pet owners know on the Forum so hopefully the cat's owner can be found & told. Not the ideal way of finding out about a much loved pet but rather than keep hoping that cat would return home. RIP Puss.....
  10. And me....keep up the good work! Wish I could do more.....
  11. The restaurant/takeaway are at Catcliffe next to JTF and across the road from Morrisons.........
  12. Hi there....have you managed to find your fish a good home yet? If not is it possible to send a picture so that we know exactly what type of fish it is and if it is comparable in size to the fish we already have. Will send you a pm with my email address on if this is OK. Thank you....
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