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Help with ps3 please


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how much would that be roughly?.....thanx


You can get new laser off ebay for around £40 (last time i looked anyway).

a full blu-ray drive with laser mechanism could set you back £70.


But if you know anyone with a ylod ps3 then get the Blu-ray drive and to get it working, you need to take the logic board out of your broken drive and put it in the working drive otherwise it wont work because each logic board is tied to the ps3 it came from.

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thanx for your help but too complicated for me lol,

give me a car to fix and im fine lol


Haha im good with cars too lol.


Having it fixed at a shop could cost anything upto £100.


Ps3 would be worth around £50-60 with broken blu-ray £30-40 for a ylod machine.

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