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Things are just going from bad to worse!


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November last year i was diagnosed type 2 diabetic and put on metformin. After a few months i was starting to feel very ill. By mid Jan i had lost 3 stone healthy and then dropped a stone in two weeks, i could keep no food down, i looked a mess and i felt a wreck. I went into the docs for an emergency appointment and the doctor couldn't get any blood from me at all, my veins were colapsing and i was so drowsy my mum was answering my questions. i got rushed straight into hospital and was put on a drip of fluids, salt, and potassium. I was severely dehydrated and as it turned out after 20 blood tests, i was actually type 1 diabetic, suffering severe ketone acidosis and if i hadn't gone into hospital i could have slipped into a coma. I great start to 2012.

I have been out of hospital around four weeks now. I'm suffering hypoglycemia almost every day as i have started to become more active and we are currently trying to weigh up what amount of insulin i need.


On top of that we are struggling to find a different house. The one we are in is too small and it seems every house we look at is either too small, got something wrong with it, or we lose it before we get to put deposit down. Job centre have decided they want me to go for a work focused interview even though my daughter isn't in nursery yet, i am a full time carer for my mother in law and i have barely been diagnosed diabetic.


And then As if things couldn't get any worse this month my hubby got a letter back from the hospital today after waiting for his blood test results.


He has been told that not only does he have a vitamin D deficiency, but he also has a problem with his muscle enzymes which are apparently too high, or something along those lines. We don't fully understand it and he will be making an appointment as soon as possible to discuss the results. All we have at the moment is what we find on the net and it doesn't sound great. He feels gutted as he is only 29 and i just feel gutted for him.


I'm praying the doctors can give him something to make him happier, make him feel better. I love him so much and with all the support he has given me i am going to stand by him through everything.


If anyone knows anything from personal experience or knowledge about muscle enzymes being too high i think it'd be better to hear from you than read up scare mongerings on the computer.


Sorry just needed to rant and also tell ANYONE no matter what age, if you think you are suffering symptoms of diabetes GET IT CHECKED before you get too ill, i was lucky enough to get to the hospital in time but its not worth taking that risk. It's better to know.


Thanks for reading

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