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The voting behavior of starving Iranians.

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dont care how they vote, thing is if we go in to help and kill innocents they will all be burning union jacks and threatening terror and calling us occupiers and people on here would say we were ony there for the oil - its a no win situation.

you see when muslims kill muslims well thats just fine - silence even....... but if we kill them even when helping them out we are baby killing murderers, and there for the oil again !!!!!!

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Google ?


Duh! Google doesn't tell me which article he was referring to, does it? - Furthermore, the fact that I Google from another country may suggest to you that I'm likely to get different results.



Thanks Chem1st.


There was some discussion a couple of years ago (at least one article on the Beeb website, AFAIR) which suggested that the trade sanctions in Iran were making (some) of the Iranian people dissatisfied with their government.


The articles I read at that time suggested that any government change in Iran was likely to come from within, but if outsiders started poking their noses into Iranian affairs (or worse still, putting their big feet on Iranian soil) that would be more likely to unite the Iranian people behind their present government.


It seems (from the article you quoted) that there aren't going to be many reformist candidates in the upcoming election.


If Iran doesn't change its policies and if the sanctions remain, I wonder how long it will be until the election after that one?

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